Monday, 4 June 2012

Modern Block Monday - Selvage Strings

I went camping with my son's new Cub pack this weekend. If last weekend reminded me of what I love about camping (ie. being outdoors in fabulous weather), this past weekend reminded me of what I dislike about camping (ie. being stuck outside in crappy weather). It's was about 24 hours of rain and 1/2 of that time was a solid downpour. The kids still had fun so it was worth it. I'm completely bagged though and we have a PD Day today so all three munchkins are over. And it's raining outside again. Today should be interesting. Definitely a day to invite friends over to play. ;)

Speaking of playing, I've been wanting to try a selvage project for some time now. I even asked the wonderful women in my guild bringing me their selvages and they are so I'm starting to get a nice collection. I don't know yet what big project I want to do with them, but I figured that I should start small. This week's block is selvage strings by Bari Ackerman in 99 Modern Blocks. A perfect block to play with selvages. It was fun and I'm pretty pleased with the block. 

I have a problem though. Can you see what it is? The selvages are prints! Gah! I didn't even think about it until this was completely done and I put up next to some of the other blocks. It looks terrible beside them. So I'll redo this block with strings of solids at some point, but today I've got to go play with my kids. 

Completed blocks to date:
Have a great Monday, all!


  1. Cute block! I love the canadian flag!! Have fun playing! We are playing and also doing a cleanup of the craft cupboard... getting ready for the summer!

  2. Love looking at salvedge quilts...there is so much to see.

  3. It looks great M-R...but I know what you mean about putting it with the other blocks...but; I really like it. I like all of your work anyway!!

  4. I love it! Save it for another project.

  5. I am sure you find a use for this block : ) I have been saving selvages too! Have fun with your kiddos.

  6. Irene Lafleche5 June 2012 at 09:05

    MR, great talk last night at OVQG.....I too am collecting selvages -looking forward to bright new ideas. good job, well done. Irene (

  7. Ditto what Irene said - great talk at the OVQG. Now please excuse me while I put Ryan Gosling up as my wallpaper ...
    Barb Ramik

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