Saturday, 21 May 2011

Bucket List o' Quilts

Alright, here's my bucket list of quilts I'd like to make at some point. Some are just in my head, some in my sketchbook, some spread out around the Internet, but now they are finally listed in one spot. And since I see such great quilts all over the place all the time and I think about quilts all the time, I have no doubt that this list is going to get longer and longer...

Lone Star
Gnome Quilt à la Artisania
Ruth McDowell-style forest scene
Bottled Rainbow
Green king bed quilt
Boys' twin bed quilts
Patrick's sports quilt
Stained glass panel and apex quilts for family room
Chenille quilt
Living room throw with upholstery fabrics
Denim picnic blanket
Value and colour circle
Black wholecloth quilted in colour similar to Emma's from Sampaquita's Quilts
Seasonal wallhangings (Easter, Spring, Canada Day, Summer, Fall, Winter, Christmas)
Maple Leaf quilt
Group of Seven-style quilt
New Zealand quilt
New York Beauty
Give and Take Appliqué
Flannel rag quilt
Haida-style quilt
Snowflake quilt
Wonder Woman
Growth chart pattern
Supernova from Freshly Pieced
Something similar in style to Michelle @ City House Studio's Trees Quilt
Nutcracker quilt
Mariner's Compass quilt
Holiday mantel cover
Chrismas stockings
House quilt
Children's portraits/fingerprints
Turtle quilt
Christmas stocking quilt
Christmas tree quilt
Quilt à la Elaine Quelh style
Tulip quilt
Feng shui
European townhouse/village quilt

Okay, so I have quite a bit of work to do... :)

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  1. Do you like liberated (unruly) quilting? There is a super cute gnome project on Flickr. Hope this link works. If not, the name of the group is Sarah and Monnlys Free Piecing Study.


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