Thursday, 12 November 2015

TGIFF! - Carsick!

Welcome to TGIFF! I'm freaking thrilled to say that Carsick is finally done! Woo hoo!

This scrappy trip quilt started in 2012 when it was all the craze. My lovely Carmine group bee mates from the Simply Solids bee made 11 of the blocks here, with me supplying them with a grey and a purple.

Carsick quilt on grass

I was hoping that using the constant of a grey and a purple in each block would pull the scrappiness together, but it didn't quite work out as hoped.

Vertical photo of Carsick quilt

I think the problem is that each block has a colourway that works well with the grey and the purple in it's block, but is often very different from the blocks surrounding it. In hindsight, I think it also would have worked better if all the blocks were completely scrappy.

Folded Carsick quilt on fence

Also, if the blocks had a consistent value progression, I think it would have been a more successful composition. Live and learn!

Carsick quilt re-folded and hanging on fence

That said, I learned a lot about colour palettes in making this quilt. I adore many of the blocks in this quilt, just not so much together. From the blocks that my Carmine bee mates made me, I saw some fabulous colour combos that I wouldn't have thought to try.

If I couldn't love the front, I figured that I would try to love the back. Purples and greys, and a mix of solids and prints.

Vertical photo of purple and grey back of Carsick quilt

Yep, happy with the back, especially with the quilting!

I tried out some different quilting options, but the thought of quilting one all over design on this quilt just didn't appeal to me. So I decided to break it up. Did some orange peels, twists, and clamshells using some charcoal Aurifil thread on the top and some purple Aurifil on the back.

Close up photo of free motion quilting motifs on back of Carsick quilt.

I find doing different motifs breaks it up and adds some interest. It definitely made quilting it more interesting.

Folded view of the back of Carsick quilt.

Another angle of folded back of Carsick quilt.

This quilt is 73" by 97".  It's finally off my WIP list. Happy dance!

Thank Goodness It's Finished Friday Blog Party

Friday, 6 November 2015

Because It's 2015! Sponsor Snip-its and Specials

Happy, happy Friday all! I'm pretty stoked this week -- our new Prime Minister appointed a gender-balanced cabinet! And his response as to why it was important? "Because it's 2015!" Woo hoo! :)

Of course, some enterprising soul at Teespring has already created a t-shirt for it. LOL!

Because it's 2015 T-shirt

In case you too are in the mood to celebrate, check out these specials by Quilt Matters' wonderful sponsors.

The Running Stitch here in Ottawa is featuring 27% off their Christmas fabric for this month's Lucky 7 special tomorrow, November 7th.

Sew Sisters Quilt Shop Deal of the Month for November is a 30% off Kona Basics. That is $7.69/metre, people!

Sew Sisters Kona Deal of the Month

Canadian National Fabrics is now carrying Tula Pink's Eden collection. Woo hoo! Also, the Sale section is stocked with lots of sweet deals! Remember, there's free shipping on order over $50 in Canada.

Canadian National Fabric

Mad About Patchwork is featuring at 20% discount on Tula Pink's Eden prints until November 13th.

Mad About Patchwork
Hope you have a great weekend! 

Thursday, 29 October 2015

Blogger's Quilt Festival: Bubbles for Malcolm

One of my favourite online events is the Blogger's Quilt Festival with Amy's Creative Side. Finishes have been few around Quilt Matters over the last few months, but I do have one to share for the festival. I'm entering Bubbles with Malcolm in the Home machine quilted category.

Hugely inspired by Janet Workman's gorgeous quilt, this baby quilt for my friend's son started out well, but had a few challenges along the way. It is a trickier quilt than it looks.

Half front view of Bubbles for Malcolm quilt

The last time I shared this, we talked quilting options. It's always so helpful to get other people's opinions so thank you for sharing your ideas! For the quilting, I used matching threads with the fabrics and did different motifs in the bubbles.

Bubbles for Malcolm quilt layed out on grass

Closer view of Bubbles for Malcolm quilt on grass

Love this one - asymmetrical swirl. :)

Close up view an asymmetrical swirl quilting motif

Another swirling quilting motif

In the light grey background, I broke up with negative space with some cloud sections. Each section has a different quilting motif (or two).

A cloud section of the quilting that has swirls

Another cloud section which has echoed clamshell quilting

And definitely some large spirals and pebbles!

Close up view of a swirl and pebble quilting motif

The backing is the IKEA numbers fabric I bought before it was discontinued.

Bubbles for Malcolm quilt layed out on grass with a corner folded over to show the backing fabric

Bubbles for Malcolm by a bubbling fountain. :) 

Bubbles for Malcolm quilt on a bench by a fountain relaxing.

Another photo of Bubbles for Malcolm quilt on a bench by a fountain

Finished size: 39.5 by 60".

There are so many gorgeous quilts entered into the festival. Be sure to check them out and vote for your favourites!

Monday, 19 October 2015

Modern Block Monday - Flying Geese Options

It's an exciting night here in Canada -- Election Night! So far, it's looking like a major upset with a Liberal majority over the incumbent Conservative majority. Wow! We'll see how things continue to unfold...

To take my mind off the election, I thought I'd share some bee blocks. :) We had flying geese blocks requested for two months of our Canadians Quilt Bee in June and July.

For June, Dominique at The Running Thimble wanted flying geese in this colour way, using this tutorial.

Flying Geese for The Running Thimble

For July, Francine (@melrosecakes), sent us the green background fabric for us to make scrappy flying geese using this tutorial.

Finally catching up with my bee blocks! For @melrosecakes #canadiansquiltbee2015

So fun to try different techniques to get essentially the same block!

Damn, now I have to go back to the election... ;)

Update: Election Results - :)

In case you are interested, here's an amusing take on the election from John Oliver:

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