Saturday, 9 July 2011

Loving the Mug Rugs

I've been wanting to make a mug rug for a couple of months, but with one thing or another, it just wasn't happening. We're going to visit a long-time friend and his parents today and it occurred to me yesterday that mug rugs would make a lovely hostess gift. Wow, were they ever easy and quick to do!

I didn't have a lot of time to make them so I found some unused/partial Hidden Wells blocks from a previous quilt that I loved. I cut the blocks to 4" by 6" and added 1.5" border in two shades of green. After slapping on some batting and some scraps of the backing of that same project, I free motion quilted stippling on one and a paisley pivot on the other. I also managed to find some of the leftover binding for the same project! Clearly this project was meant to be -- two mug rugs in about an hour! Love those quick finishes.

And here they both are. I'm almost loathe to give these up, but I think Mrs. M will like them and put them to good use.

So much for no new projects... ;)


  1. Perfect hostess gift! Very nice!


  2. If I were Mrs. M I would love these! Now you have to make a couple for yourself.


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