Saturday, 3 September 2011

Sweet Corn

I'm working away on the boys' Bottled Rainbows quilts and feeling the pressure. "Is my quilt done yet, Mommy?" Two seconds later, "Is it done yet, Mommy?" Two minutes later, "When's it going to be done?" Aaargh! Such pressure! Not even a quilt show deadline can match the persistent demand of a four year old. :) I've now quilted 19 of the 32 blocks so I'm seeing good progress even though it's not much to blog about.

Thought you'd get a kick out of these photos...

Free motion quilting with one child playing peacefully in the room
Free motion quilting with three children playing not-so-peacefully in the room

To the point now -- it's sweet corn season here. Corn season is my Favourite. Strawberry season comes in with a close second, but hands down, Corn Season Rocks. As a kid, we always knew it was corn season in our house when corn became the headlining item of the night's menu. "What's for dinner?" "Corn and..." Yeah, it didn't matter what else was being served, you knew it was going to be a good dinner if there was going to be corn on the cob. Even two years of braces couldn't stop me from indulging in this seasonal delight.

Now, my husband is not such a fan of corn on the cob so we only have it a few times a week during corn season. ;) The boys are showing signs of taking after Mommy when it comes to corn on the cob -- yay! -- so the days of having it every day during this short season may come again. :)

To pay homage to our golden late summer friend, I'm going to share with you our family recipe for making the best corn on cob. Ever. I don't make that claim lightly, but you be the judge. It's so easy and it cooks up faster than boiling it or barbecuing it. So here it is:

In a large saucepan that will fit your husked corn, pour in enough water to cover the bottom of your saucepan about an 1/8th of an inch. Add about the same amount of milk. Stir in about a teaspoon of sugar. Add your corn. Put the saucepan on the stove on high. Within a couple of minutes, the sugar milk will boil up and steam the corn. It will only take a couple of minutes to cook the corn once the mixture is boiling so stay close and keep an eye on it. Once the kernels lose that opaque look, your corn is ready. Add some buttery and salty goodness and enjoy! How easy is that?!

For those in Canada and the States, Happy Labour/Labor Day! Hope it's fun, relaxing and full of sweet, buttery corn! :)

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  1. Your corn sounds deliscious! The differences in quilting are a riot....the kids will love their quilts.


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