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Okay, I'm on a finishing roll! I will not be madly sewing late into the night on the 23rd or 24th. I will not! Okay, I might be up late those nights, but I'm determined that it won't be because I have to finish a Christmas gift.

Micah's Advent Calendar is done! Woo hoo! It's a Makower Advent Calendar. Love their calendars. It's very easy to put together (no, I'm not being paid, sponsored or otherwise bribed to say this!). I quilted it using Leah Day's Spiral Knots that she posted yesterday. I was hoping it would look like swirling snow. Kinda does. The design quilted up quickly, but I didn't find it to be a great filler for really tight areas. That said, it was fun to change up the scale and the number of rings in the spirals. Hmm, I just noticed that there's a funky shadow at the top that makes the top border/binding look weird. Sorry about that.

Micah's Advent Calendar

And since we're on the subject and I pulled out Patrick and Daniel's Advent calendars Wednesday, here are theirs. They are also Makower calendars from several years ago.

Patrick's Advent Calendar
Daniel's Advent Calendar
Now to find things to fill them! In our house, the Advent Fairy comes each night (or morning while the kids are looking elsewhere, if she/he forgot the night before) to fill that day's pocket with a sticker, ornament, chocolate, etc. because she/he knows that the pockets would all be emptied if they were filled for the whole month. :)

I'm linking in to TGIFF!, which is at Quokka Quilts this week. If you get a chance, take a few minutes to check out the other finishes and link up one of your own, if you have one. We'd love to see it!

Now I'd better move my butt on my finish for next week 'cause I'm hosting! And you, yes, I'm talking to you. You probably have a gift or two you are making for the holiday, right? Well, get them done early so you can link up next week. You will thank me when you aren't sewing away the night before Christmas, desperately trying to finish that gift. :)

Happy Friday!


  1. Your advent calendars are really beautiful. Hope you get all your presents finished before Christmas

  2. Lovely! You are a finishing machine!

  3. Wow! Those advent calendars are fantastic!!

  4. Great advent calenders. The kids must love them too.

  5. The quilts are beautiful..I especially love the one with the sleigh...great job..

  6. I made one like Daniel's for my granddaughter and I think it is a beautiful pattern. Where do you get these Makower kits? I got mine in a little quilt store in Vanderhoof, B.C., but I'm unlikely to get there again anytime soon.

  7. Your advent calendars are awesome! I really want to make some for my girls... every year I go through this... maybe next year I will learn and work on them in July or something!

  8. Beautiful M-R! Definitely beats the standard cardboard calendars (that my kids-to-be will no doubt end up with each year).

  9. They look great!! I could sew loads of these, they are so fun to do! Oh well, I'll have to have more babies ;)

  10. Wow! You are an amazing finishing machine. The advent calendars are lovely. Your solution to those sneaky fingers is great.

  11. Fabulous advent calendars! Just love all this Christmas stuff! New follower - just love 'meeting' more Canadians!

  12. They look great and it sure sounds like fun!

  13. Wonderful Advent Calendars! Love your most recent! Where would a person find the makings for these beauties?


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