Friday, 20 January 2012

TGIFF! - Wedding Blanket

Happy Friday all! As I mentioned on Wednesday, a friend asked for advice on getting her wedding shawl quilted. After some trepidation -- it was her wedding blanket after all! -- I volunteered to do it. This is a very cool tradition so I thought I'd share a bit more about it with you.

Timeless Treasure print
featuring Native American
women wrapped in brightly
coloured blankets.
In some Native American cultures, a wedding is celebrated with a blanket ceremony. Each member of the couple comes to the ceremony wearing their own blanket. These blankets represent their past lives. After the spiritual leader blesses the union, friends and family remove the individual blankets and replace them with one blanket that symbolizes the couple's new life together, which will be filled with happiness and peace. My friend and her new husband were covered with this joyful Timeless Treasure print during their ceremony.

We didn't want to detract from the print so we decided that a simple black backing and a stipple stitch in black thread would work nicely. To give it some pop along the edges, my friend chose a great light purple for the binding.

I've never done a whole quilt in a stipple stitch, but it was fun and I can now see why it's so popular. The finished size is 39" by 76". I'm very pleased with how it turned out and I think she and her husband will be too.
Wedding Blanket Quilt - Front 
Detail of the front and back,
showing the quilting
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  1. I love it! And what a lovely tradition. I love pieces with a story! You did a great job!

  2. Wow, that quilting is amazing! I hope through the year and my FMQ challenges that I can get that good.

  3. Love it.....your quilting shows up so nicely..

  4. What a lovely tradition - and a perfect keepsake quilted so beautifully!

  5. Beautiful story!! Thanks for sharing!

  6. What a wonderful idea to turn it into a quilt. You did a beautiful job with the quilting.

  7. What a beautiful ceremony that must be! You did a wonderful job on the blanket. Gorgeous fabric!

  8. Very Nice! The thought of doing whole cloth quilting is very enticing to me. I'd rather skip all that cutting and piecing and get to the quilting!!

  9. Love your wedding quilt M R and the story behind it. Beautiful fabric and great quilting !

  10. Love the fabric. The tradition is pretty sweet too, as long as they have on clothes under those blankets!

    Reminds me of the Baby Maker in "The Proposal".

  11. What an awesome friend you are! I love that tradition, it sincerely sounds lovely. I am so sorry I missed out on the party this week, but I am determined to see you guys next week!


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