Monday, 5 March 2012

Double Feature Modern Monday - Modern Mini Challenge

Modern Mini ChallengePossessed. There's really no other word for it. I'd been thinking about Jennifer at Ellison Quilts' Modern Mini Quilt Challenge for a while now, but was so focussed on finishing my tulip that I figured I'd have to pass on this fun challenge.

Then I got the idea for not one, but a series of four mini quilts! Reason prevailed (this afternoon) and I decided to focus on finishing one for the Modern Mini Challenge, but I'll finish the other three (the tops are done!) on Friday when I host TGIFF!

Semaphore, 12" by 28".
As I was designing this mini quilt, I was thinking of a white sail against the bright blue sky on a hot summer's day, the different blues of the water and the orange of a lifesaver or life jacket. I wanted simple and graphic.

This mini is quite a bit out of my comfort zone. It has:
  • A white background (fear of white, remember?)
  • Straight line quilting
  • Precise 1/4" seams -- I did it! Woo hoo!
  • Blue and orange
Detail of line of
decorative star stitch

For a bit of interest amidst the straight line quilting, I did one line of decorative stars down the middle of the squares.

This mini quilt finishes at 12" by 28". Now that it's done, I find that the blocks look a little like code or semaphore flags (the Japanese kind) so even though it's a bit of a stretch, I'm calling this Semaphore. :)
Detail of the straight line quilting
Totally unnecessary photo, but
I like photos on an angle. ;)
Amy's Creative SideCome back on Friday to see the rest of the series and to link up any recent finishes of your own! This series is also my One Thing One Week Challenge with Amy's Creative Side. Could I possibly include any more buttons in this post?! Always the multi-tasker! ;)


  1. Simple and lovely! Fantastic mini, M-R. Can't wait to see the rest of your series.

  2. Ha I'm all about the multi-tasking! Lovely mini, M-R!

  3. I love the simplicity of this and that line of stars. It's a very striking piece. Good luck in the challenge!

  4. Gorgeous! So simple and clean looking, must be that white!! (which I also have a fear of!!) The decorative stitch is the perfect touch x

  5. This is so lovely! Your quilting is so precise. I'm still all over the place.

  6. Gorgeous, I love it! I especially love the little star stitching, it's not something I'd ever think of doing, inspirational! I really love the composition too, very simple, minimalistic, perfect! Not to mention the precise stitching!!

    I missed the deadline. :(

  7. Great. Very graphic and I luv that programmed stitch as an accent.

  8. That decorative star stitch is perfect. I love the colour and simplicity of this. Can't wait to see the other 3...

  9. Very clean and maodern! It looks fantastic! You are really getting the groove of this modern thing!

  10. I really like your mini a lot! It is very striking and bold. Good job and good luck!

  11. this is a wonderful mini. Can you believe how many gorgeous entries there were.

  12. I think that specialty stitching down the center is genius! LOVE it--and will try to remember to do something like that.


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