Thursday, 22 March 2012

Traditional...Yet Modern?

I've been sketching a bunch of possible future projects and of course, I want to get started on them all right away. I'm feeling some major quilting ADD right now. So many fun projects, but so little time. How do you decide what projects to start right away and what ones to hold off on?

One of the ones that I will get started on now actually fits with my goal of learning how to use Electric Quilt better. I keep trying to learn this program, but I don't find the program very intuitive or user friendly. I have EQ5 so I'm thinking that they've probably made some big improvements on the usability since then. Nevertheless I'm determined to learn it because I think quilting software is hugely beneficial for designing quilts. 

This week, I designed two very simple quilts on it. Here is one:

Doesn't this look better than my chicken scratch sketches? Yay!
For those of you who don't recognize this classic pattern, this is a Hudson's Bay Company point blanket. These wool blankets were used to trade with Native Americans for beaver pelts, etc. in the 1700 and 1800s. The blankets, with their signature four colour stripe, are a symbol of Canadian culture and history, both the good and the bad. I had one on my bed as a kid and just loved the simple pattern. I find it's actually quite modern, no? 

I'm not a fan of wool though, nor can I afford one of the real ones now so I thought it would be fun to make a quilt for our bed using this design. And the hubster agreed! Yay! Surely with this simple a design, I could design it in Electric Quilt to get a better idea of fabric requirements. And I did! Now to go get the fabric...

I'm going to try to scan in my fabrics for the other design that I did in EQ. When I figure that out, I'll share it.

I've been wanting to link up with Think Tank Thursday with making rebecca lynne for some time now and now have the chance! It will be up later today if you want to check out what other fun folks have been thinking up.

Thursday Think Tank

Hope you are having a great Thursday!


  1. I remember those blankets! I think I had a knock off cotton : ) It will make a very cool modern quilt....can't wait to see what you decide to do with it!

  2. Great minds think alike and all that - I've been thinking about making a Hudson's Bay quilt as well! Ah... you beat me to it. :)

    Can't wait to see yours...

  3. I have a queen sized one on my bed! I love it so much, but it's not as warm as I thought it would be. They are ridiculously expensive and I sure could never afford to buy one! My mom got mine about 10 years ago as a reward with her zellers/hbc points. She saved up something like 5 million points to get it.
    Anyway, you're right about the design being quite modern. I can't wait to see how you translate it into cotton. I'm sure it will be fantastic!

  4. This is a great quilt idea! I look forward to seeing it realized.

  5. Beautiful idea for a quilt.

    As to importing fabrics to EQ. Look in your "library" under "fabric". There should be an option to import an image. FYI moda now has an option on their website (unitednotions) to download a whole fabric line of jpgs at a time. It is very fun!

  6. I have EQ7 and yes there are a lot of improvements, such as the drag and drop feature for blocks. If you want to use EQ regularly, I would consider upgrading to EQ7. There is a good book from Fran Iverson Gonzalez called "EQ6 simplified": yes I know it is EQ6! but it can easily be used for EQ7, and I think it is still on sale on the EQ web site. I have decided to make more use of the software lately(what a nice coincidence!) so I use this book and the EQ7 user manual to practice and get a good understanding of the software. This software is a very good tool!
    Anne-Marie B. from across the river! (Val-des-Monts)

  7. Your quilt looks fantastic! I can't wait to see it in cotton!!

  8. it is an iconic image here in Canada! It will be a lovely quilt - cna't wait to see it. I have EQ6 and enjoy using it, although I know I don't use it to its full potential, but I still end up with all kinds of designs and not enough time. Good luck!

  9. It is instantly recognizable to me! I have EQ6. I have spent some time with it, but still have difficulties sometimes. I have thought about upgrading to EQ7.

  10. This will make a great quilt. I love the mix of modern and traditional :)

  11. I have never tied the EQ programs but want to buy it. What I have seen others able to do makes me want to do it. I can envision a lot of things in my head but would like to be able to get Tanya my wife to understand the vision I have.


  12. I thought immediately of the Points Bay Blanket which I just took off the bed this week. Wool is VERY warm, and it looks like Spring is here to stay!

  13. Love the idea. I want to make one too!!!

  14. I bought EQ5 years ago, and eventually gave up on it. I was spending so much time trying to get it to do what I wanted, I eventually decided I'd rather be sewing.

    I can't wait to see your Hudson Bay quilt! I've had this idea, also, but it is so far down my to-do list I'll probably never make one. Those blankets are so beautiful in their simple design :)

  15. It's good to know that great minds think alike. I designed an HBC quilt just before Christmas! (Not sewn yet, though.) Can't wait to see yours!

  16. A Hudson's Bay quilt. Great idea!

  17. Fabulous homage to the classic HBC Point Blanket!


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