Sunday, 29 April 2012

Red and Cream Amish Wedding Quilt - A Work in Progress

Red and Cream Amish Wedding Ring Top
Not quite sure how I scored an afternoon to myself on the weekend, but I'll take it! This is my sister and brother-in-law's wedding gift. It is the only outstanding quilt present that I owe now, thankfully. As my sister has made a couple quilts herself now, she is super understanding. Yay for awesome sisters! It's coming, sis, I swear it's coming!

This quilt is the same Quiltmaker pattern as my 10 Years and Still Over the Rainbow quilt. What a difference, eh? Because the rings and stars are so colourful in this one, I never found the need to quilt in the centre black blocks beyond one echo of rainbow coloured thread.

10 Years and Still
Over the Rainbow

The red and cream wedding ring quilt is another story. If something stays on my On hold list for a while, it's because I was/am stumped about some aspect of it. For a lot of them, it's my skill level. For others, it's that something isn't working well with it, whether it's the colours, the values, etc.

Can you see what problem I was having with this one? There's not a lot of contrast between the reds so they read as one and make the centre cream blocks very obvious, at least to me. Once I'd pieced the top (paper pieced stars and hand pieced rings) though, it was clear that I couldn't leave those spots blank.

Appliqué? Some fancy free motion quilting (FMQ)? I couldn't FMQ at all when I made this top, let alone try something fancy. Same quilting that I did with 10 Years (ie. flying geese by walking foot -- hell no!)? I kind of thought trapunto would look good, but I didn't know how to do it.

When I pulled this quilt out last week -- setting off a small avalanche of WIPs/UFOs, I might add -- and looked at it again, I have to say that I'm still thinking trapunto. Now that I've done it successfully with my Colour My World Black challenge, I think I can probably give this a proper go now.

The next decision will be what to trapunto here...thoughts? I have a couple of ideas, but I really love hearing what you guys think so I won't prejudice your creativity by sharing mine just yet. :)

Once I decide what to trapunto, I'll take photos of how I do it and share them in a tutorial. Sound good?

Tomorrow is the Colour My World Yellow challenge linky party for those of you participating. I can't wait to see what people have done with yellow. I've finished my piece and I'm doing the happy dance again.

Happy Sunday!


  1. what a beautiful quilt M-R! I have had a couple of thoughts on what you could do, but I keep coming back to it's a wedding quilt, and hearts. I would do 4 stylized hearts in the cream sections with their pointy ends pointing into the corners, and maybe some swirls, or filigree type scrolls in their rounder parts. Whatever you decide, it will be gorgeous!

  2. Oh wow! I love that red and cream! It's so gorgeous! Makes me want to get back to my red and white hexie!

  3. You are right ....this is an "outstanding" quilt!! It is so beautiful!
    I can't offer any suggestions, because I don't know how to do any of that....but however you quilt it, this will be stunning!

  4. Love it!! The color is wonderful M-R. I have no idea about tarpunto. You are a much braver woman than I!!!!!!!

  5. Wow, really gorgeous! I'm impressed with your hand piecing of the rings! It's what I would have done, but honestly you don't see many people making that choice :-)

  6. It never ceases to amaze me how the same quilt design can look so completely different when alternative colours are used - both are stunning! I shall look forward to seeing your trapunto design.

  7. I love both of these and I think using trapunto on the red and white one would be amazing. As suggestions, I wondered about hearts - if your sister is a hearts person - or perhaps doing something to echo the little star shapes you've got in the diamonds. I'm interested to hear your ideas and I'd love a tutorial :)

  8. Beautiful. I agree with Janine, stars would look lovely!

  9. Love this quilt and the rainbow one !! In fact, I think I like all of them. Your use of color makes me smile when I see any of your quilts.
    Have tried in vain to find the quilt pattern for this one. I've googled and looked at every page on the quiltmaker webste, to no avail. Is there a specific issue of Quiltmaker that this pattern came from ? Thanks for any info ! SUe

    1. Sue, thank you so much for the kind words. I think I can help you, but you are a no reply blogger. Can you email me directly so that I can reply? Cheers, M-R

  10. I love this and your rainbow version!
    If you haven't decided what to do yet - I think that Celtic knots would be lovely.


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