Friday, 6 April 2012

TGIFF! - Mod 1600 Back

Mod 1600 Top
How dare life interfere with quilting and blogging?! It's been a busy week, but I did get some quilting in. In fact, I finished the backing for my modern jelly roll race quilt, which I'm going to call Mod 1600.

The quilt is going to be reversible so I guess this is the other top. For fun, I thought I'd use the Fibonnaci ratio for the colours on the back: Yellow - 1 inch, Orange - 2 inches, Red - 3 inches, Violet - 5 inches, and Purple - 8 inches. It has a bit of a retro 70s look to it, I think. This is one of my projects for a Flickr group I joined called Sew Into Solids.

Mod 1600 Back
I've also sandwiched and quilted it with straight lines and the occasional diagonal. I'm working on the binding now and hope to finish it in time to share it next week, when I host TGIFF!

For today though, I'm linking up with Allison at Dreaming in Patchwork, who is this week's host for TGIFF! I'm heading over now to check out her beautiful new bag and the other fun finishes.

Happy Friday and Happy Easter all!


  1. really nice M-R...I haven't done a bit of sewing since starting my spring cleaning...oh a lie!! I did a little hand quilting tonight. trying to finish the Blueberry Basket quilt in time for WIP this week..I actually missed my first one this past Wed. I couldn't believe it.

  2. Amazing work! I love both fronts. I still am trying to balance work and sewing... Work is winning at this point.

  3. I think that is my favorite jelly roll race quilt to date! I love what you did for the back - it's a perfect match.

  4. Just love the back and using the Fibonnaci ratio is such a clever really does please the eye!

  5. Solids were my first luv. Lovely

  6. Awesome! I love that it is reversible!

  7. perfect backing for Mod 1600, love it :) Happy Easter Weekend!

  8. Love the backside and the retro feel! great name too. Happy Easter! xx


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