Friday, 20 April 2012

TGIFF! - Spring Pebbles

Here is the third of my modern mini series. I mentioned this one yesterday as one of the projects I wanted to finish this quarter as part of the Finish-A-Long with Quilter in the Gap. And I busted my butt yesterday afternoon and finished this one!

As I've mentioned before, this mini quilt series is for my sewing room. I wanted to play with the same layout using different colours and quilting motifs. First was Semaphore with blues and orange on a white background with vertical straight-line quilting. Next was Grey Squared with teal, navy, olive and dark orange on a grey background with square stippling.

Today is plum, lavender, spring green and corn yellow on a cream background with pebble quilting.

Spring Pebbles
As with the others in the series, this measures 12" by 28". It's so interesting to see the difference in quilting texture between the three pieces to date.
Detail - Pebble quilting
Now it's just the black one left in the series. Maybe for next week's TGIFF?

Tracey from The Peoney Teacup (love the blog name!) is hosting this week's TGIFF! so I'm linking up with her and will be heading over to check out the other finishes. She's got an awesome Harry Potter quilt that I just love!

Happy Friday, all!


  1. If these are any indication, your sewing room is going to be beautiful! :)

  2. I love quilting pebbles/bubbles. looks great

  3. Fantastic. You have to show us them all together in your room when you are done.

  4. Great job M-R your quilting is stunning!

  5. This is going to be a stunning little series! And yes, show us the whole collection when you get them hung!

  6. Wonderful Quilt! Love it! Congrats on a great finish!!

  7. Your Pebbling is sensational! I have tried pebbling a few times and mine does not compare to yours! I need a lot more practice! Do you have a few tips for me?

  8. Your pebble quilting is stunning as are the other quilts in your series.

  9. The pebble quilting is fantastic! I have a quilt that would be perfect on. I have no desire to learn how to do it though!

  10. *sigh* I love pebbles! But like Katie, I have no desire to learn how... I will leave that to the experts! lol

  11. The pebbles look so awesome and it's such a great contrasting texture to add to those squares!

  12. Wow - that pebble quilting is awesome! And I love the colors you chose.


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