Monday 5 November 2012

Time For Some Improv

Happy Monday, all! The hubster and I are still recovering from my son's Harry Potter birthday party on Saturday. It went great and we all had a blast, but boy, it was a lot of work. I was amazed at all the great ideas for throwing Harry Potter parties that were available on the Internet -- thank you wonderful, creative Harry Potter birthday party people! To pay my thanks forward, I'll be doing a post in the next day or so on our party to share my templates for other parents.

But first...we posted the winners of the two gift certificates to Mad About Patchwork for OctoberQuest over at TGIFF! Congrats to the winners and thanks to Mad About Patchwork, our hosts and Em @ Sewing by Moonlight for making OctoberQuest happen!


November is my month for my Don't Worry {Bee} Happy gang. I thought I'd share the instructions here in case anyone else would also like to give this a try.

Test block - 13" ish by 16" ish
Improv block:

1. From the coloured scraps, piece a block improvisationally that is a minimum of 5" on each side and a maximum of 10" on each side. Wonky is good so this section or any of its pieces do not have to be square or rectangular. You can go as simple with the piecing as mine or go more complex with smaller pieces; it's up to you.

2. Once your coloured section is finished, build around the block with the neutrals. Again, wonky is great and you can do whatever you like piecing-wise.

Easy-peasy, right?

Notes for my Beemates: I'd love for you to get to a 16" square, with a minimum of 2" of neutral on each side of the coloured section. That said, I'm not sure that will work with all the packages I sent out and how large you piece the coloured section. For example, for my block above, the coloured section measures approx. 5" by 6.5" and even though I used all of the neutrals I cut for this block, it came to approx. 13" on one side and 16.5" on another. All this to say, please don't worry if you can't get to the 16" square size. Just get as big as you can and I'll add to it when the block comes back. Oh, and you can keep any of the scraps. :)

Many thanks Beemates! I hope you have fun with this block and can't wait to see what you all come up with!


  1. A Harry potter birthday party sounds great, great improv block!

  2. I love your block. It looks very modern.

  3. That's a fun block. :)
    I'm writing from Sew Sisters Quilt Shop. We are having a Blogathon for Canadian quilting/crafting bloggers and would love it if you would be willing to let us link to your blog. You can get all the details here.

  4. M-R, eeek! Improv is scary for me, but I've been working on your block today and I think it's going okay. I'm posting a progress pic in the flickr group - could you look and see if it's alright before I proceed?


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