Friday, 16 November 2012

Ottawa, EPP-Style!

If you are coming by from the Travellin' Pic Stitch Blog Hop, welcome to Ottawa, the capital city of Canada! From October 1st - November 30th, we are hopping all over the world, EPP-ing in some fantastic locations. Check out the full list here and be sure to check out the other participants.

Colours I associate with my adopted city, and I think many other people do too, are red, white, black and grey. Red and white for the national flag, which you see everywhere here and particularly on Canada Day, when we host the biggest Canada Day party across the country. Our RCMP, affectionately known as the Mounties, and the Governor General's Foot Guards (nicknamed the Googoo Foogoos -- I kid you not!), dress in red and black. Red, white and black are also the colours of our hockey teams: the Senators (boo, hiss -- they are on strike) and the Major Junior team, the 67s (my kids' favourite team).

I did a post about Ottawa and the quilting scene here last year, if that interests you, but here are some of my favourite photos and views of the city:

The best photo I have that shows the colours of this fine city is this one of the Governor General's Foot Guards during the changing of the guard on Parliament Hill this past summer:

I'm very much a rookie at English Paper Piecing, having only done two flower hexies this past summer for my bee, but I'm always game for a challenge. Thanks to Laura and Katy for asking me to participate in this blog hop. What a fun way to see the world with all the participants!

I loved the sprocket block at A Few Scraps, but I wanted to showcase more colours or fabrics so I modified it to this:

Yes, that is totem fabric in the middle hex-ring.

And snowflake fabric 'cause we get lots of snow!

Many thanks to the hubster and Ginette for helping me sort out the colours of that outer hex-ring and diamonds. It was looking dodgy there for a while!

I hope you enjoyed your visit to one of my favourite cities and decide to come back and visit me often!

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Also, you can start planning your own EPP project using a travel photo as your inspiration and link up on November 30th for a chance to win one of these fabulous prizes!

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  1. Your block looks fantastic!! I love your pictures of Ottawa as well! All that snow... I wonder if that's what we're in for again this winter! My favorite is your pic of the slides at Jacques Cartier Park!!

  2. I definitely get Canuck vibes from your block, M-R. Great job!

  3. Wow! I love that block! Trust you to be original! What are you calling it? :)

  4. What a fun idea...see all the sites, and quilt stuff too !
    Great pictures of Ottawa...I haven't been there in years! (where are the tulips?? The is one memory I always associate with Ottawa)
    I love the use of snowflakes and totum poles! This block could become the "national quilt block"!!!!!

  5. Great looking block, the totum poles.

  6. Fantastic block to represent Ottawa and Canada! Love the totem fabric!! Where did you get it? Your EPP is amazing too!

  7. I love how your fabric choices also tie back into your theme! It's a beautiful block. :)

  8. What a lovely block. Thanks for sharing your home town with us!

  9. Great block. I love all the fabrics you've used

  10. SO fabulous! Love the colours and the fabrics - it really says Canada to me :)

  11. Great block - I love that totem fabric…. And thanks for all the insider info on Ottawa. I've never managed to get there but I do hope to see it one day soon. The only trouble with being such a huge and beautiful country is it makes is so hard for us to explore all of it… I've barely scratched the surface with SK. lol.

  12. I love your block and the colours work so well. I associate Ottawa with the maple trees in fall and with roads that don't meet well, and skating on the canal. I lived there for 6 months

  13. Wow, you certainly picked EPP up quickly! Great colours

  14. This is an amazing block - those fabrics really show that EPP has more to offer than floal hexies!

  15. It's really wonderful - I love how well the colours reflect your pic, and the way you fussy-cut the fabrics on the inside "ring".


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