Thursday 6 December 2012

Jelly Belly - A Work In Progress

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Voting started for the Travellin' Pic Stitch Blog Hop over at Quokka Quilts. If you liked my block, I would really love your vote! :)


Jelly Belly - Top
I'm clearly in a starting mood because I started another quilt this week. It's made of a Sunburst Slices jelly roll (Creative Cuts?) I picked up this summer in the States. I just loved the fun colours and patterns. It's so cheerful! Kinda reminds me of jelly bellies (not because I ate a whole bag of them recently or anything).

To make this puppy, I cut 6 - 2.5" equilateral triangles from each of the eight fabrics (the jelly roll had 3 strips of each fabric), using the HexNMore ruler (still loving it!). I sewed them together to make a strip and added a 2" strip of white on either side.

Since the jelly roll strips were busy prints, I added 2.5" white squares between each strip to give some contrast. Then I just sewed it like a regular jelly roll race.

Once I had my big panel, I squared it up. I sliced off a strip of 6" from one end, inserted the triangle strip and then added the 6" strip back on.

Jelly Belly - Backing
I took a 9" strip off the bottom of the panel and sliced it to form 3.5" and a 5.5" strips for the back. Added some white (Gasp! Two white background quilts in one week?! Can we say "missing snow"? :( ) to finish off the backing. I just have a few triangles left of the jelly roll, which I'm hoping to use in the binding. :)

Next up, some free motion quilting. I'm thinking large open feathers, like on Emma How's Green, Green, Green quilt.

Laura @ Quokka Quilts is hosting this week's TGIFF! party. I'm hosting next week so get those finishes ready! Think Jelly Belly will be done in time? We'll see...

Hope you have a fantastic weekend, all!


  1. That looks so great! I don't think I have seen that fabric before. I went and voted for your gorgeous block!

  2. Very bright and pretty!
    I have voted for your block...and we are travelleling so I get another vote in each city!! Hehe!

  3. I voted for your block!
    This fabric is so cheerful! Love the bright colors! Very creative design too. Love it!

  4. Love the colours! I think you are a close relative to the eveready bunny! You never stop! I also voted for you block!

  5. Wow, I love how you've made the back using bits of the front. Look forward to seeing this quilted :o)


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