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Modern Block Monday - Butterfly Bee Block

This week's block is my April Simply Solids Bee (Carmine Group) block for Lisa. She designed this great paper-pieced block and you can find the free Modern Butterfly Pattern on her blog. She sent us the seafoam colour and asked us to stash bust the rest. I decided to add some purples and teal on a light grey background. Unfortunately, the colours on two of the purples are showing up more pink than purple in the photo.

Hope she likes it!
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Look what's basted and on the machine...

Kingston - Starting Over

My Kingston quilt has been on my WIP list since before I kept a WIP list. I fell in love with this Kingston 2000 Block of the Month (BOM) pattern by Laurene King-McGill back in, um, 1999, when I was home visiting my parents in Kingston. I dove right in, but things went wrong right from the start. Although I'd done five or six quilts by then, I hadn't attempted any paper piecing, satin stitching or any of the more complex piecing this pattern required.

My attempt at the January block yielded this. There were more pieces, but they were equally unsightly and I can't find them now anyway.

Periodically over the years, I'd pull this project out, drool over the pattern, sigh over my sad little attempt and think about what I might do to fix it.

In January of this year, I decided I'd just start again. Clean slate! Two days before I broke my wrist, I plunged in, figuring that I'd do this as a block of the month this year...only 13 years after the actual BOM. LOL!

Here is…


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