Monday, 10 June 2013

A Winner and More Scrappy Trips

Thank you all for the feedback on the blog. It was fun to read what appealed to different people. Without further ado, the winner of the fat quarters and the gloves is...

I love looking at your quilts and the techniques. I think you are an amazing quilter and I love how you pick colour.

Thank you and congratulations, Michelle! Be sure you check your email account for my email requesting your address.


Not much happening on the quilt front these days, it seems like it's soccer, soccer, and more soccer around here. I'm starting to get a little btwitchy from the lack of quilting time. ;) I did snag two 20 minute chunks and managed to make a couple more Scrappy Trip blocks.


Two: Yes, that is a rare sighting of brown on Quilt Matters!

Here are all my Scrappy Trip Along blocks laid out to date, most courtesy of my fabulous Simply Solids Carmine group bee mates. Thanks guys! More blocks and more play with the layout still to come, but so far it's bright and scrappy -- just as I'd hoped. I'm thinking it will be a twin-sized quilt for my eldest son's new-ish room.

I'm also starting to think that there's something wrong with my camera because it really has a problem taking photos of red and orange fabrics up close. They seem to bleed or glow. I'm just using a Sony point and shoot, but I can play with a lot of the settings. Anyone else have that problem? I never noticed it before, but then I didn't use a lot of red or orange either.

Oh, and for my Canadian friends, Rachel from Stitched in Color and Fabric Spot have a challenge for us. Check it out and sign up!

Hope you are having a great Monday!


  1. I have the same problem with my camera (Sony point and shoot). I tend to just take photos and then adjust the saturation using picmonkey. I really should learn how to use my camera though ;o)

  2. Love the scrappy blocks , what a great quilt this will make !

  3. The blocks look great M-R!

  4. Congratulations Michelle! Enjoy your prize.
    Great scrappy blocks! It's such a good way to use a little bit of colours that you don't love - in small doses they can really add a lot as supporting characters. This quilt will be beautiful!

  5. Your scrappy trip along is looking fantastic! It will be perfect for your son!
    I saw the challenge at Stitched in Color and I really wish I had time to commit but this time of year is so busy! Will you be participating?

  6. This looks good. It's fun seeing my block there

  7. Happy Belated Blogiversary! I love your scrappy trip blocks and reading your blog.

  8. love those blocks in solids!! I'm quilting my quilt top like this - trip around the world, decided to do curves from corner to corner on each little block, actually goes pretty fast

  9. The Scrappy Trip quilt looks wonderful! I seriously considered the Stitched in Color contest but there's no way I would have enough time, what with relatives coming to visit and general life stuff going on. Good luck!


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