Thursday, 29 August 2013

Dirty Laundry

Em from Sewing By Moonlight is hosting a Sewing Room Clean Up and it's just what I need to get my quilt haven cleaned up and organized before I jump back into my projects. I started a reorg in April and another one again in July. It's time to finish, no?

So here are some photos of my 'dirty laundry'. I have to confess that this is actually pretty tidy; it's still in good shape from my last big guest clean up. It's usually way messier. Ahem.

Sewing station with the folding table left out from quilting the wedding quilt:

The "Fallout" area (a.k.a. the guest bed):

 Cutting table with scraps from the wedding quilt:

Stash, books, magazines and dyeing stuff:

Don't you store your WIPs under the table?

Supply Bookcase #1:

Supply Bookcase #2:

My goals with this clean up are to:
  • Clear out the stuff I'm not going to use. (Aack, how do you do that for art quilt stuff?)
  • Find a Fat quarter storage solution (I think I've got one, but need to implement it).
  • Find a WIP in progress storage solution. 
  • Find a WIP on hold storage solution.
Any ideas for me? Is there something about your space that's bugging you?

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  1. Love your 'fall out area'. Mine is a beautiful and comfortable, winged back chair that never gets sat in due to fall out. I store my WIPs in pizza boxes - unused ones of course. They are great. Stack well and come in different sizes. It's great because they are thin and don't take up too much space. The best thing since!

  2. My space is a disaster right now too! I have WIPs everywhere lol

  3. Oh, I recognize this...:-)
    My (2) gestbeds looks much like yours..
    Under my sewing table a I have a lot of plastics boxes that er full with fabrics, and WIP, on different stages....
    Wish you a nice weekend.

  4. M-R, Good luck on your organizing project. Looks like you have a great space to do this. You are well on your way.

  5. M-R, Good luck on your organizing project. Looks like you have a great space to do this. You are well on your way.

  6. Ooh, your stash is so pretty all lined up in rainbow order! I love that you have a "fallout area"! I agree your mess is pretty minor on the scale of "does anyone even sew here" to "help! I'm buried under the piles!". Though, a good tidy does wonders for the inspiration!

  7. I'm thinking if my space was as tidy as yours, I'd be in heaven! If you get any good hints, I hope you share!

  8. I am one of those people who has to have (OCD) things in order before I can do any thing. I have learned (am 56) to do a little every time i go into my sewing room. Dont have kids in the house anymore so the WIPs have a closet in the spare room. Would love to see how you do FQ. Mine are in those plastic containers (you have blue ones) on shelves but i cant see, so they all have to come down if i am looking for something. I love see others spaces and the ingenuity and imagination that takes place. I think like all things in life there is an ebb and flow depending on where your life is at the moment. You young women who are juggling many things are an inspiration. The bottom line, keep creating!


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