Wednesday, 18 September 2013

Sprechen Sie Deutsch?

Several months ago, Kathrin Scholz from tinistaschen emailed me asking if I minded if she and her friends in Germany did a quilt like my What the FMQAYGQAL? I certainly didn't mind and referred her to Laura, our QAYGFMGQAL mastermind.

Last week, Kathrin emailed me to say that their quilts made into the German Burda Patchwork! She sent along these photos. Aren't their quilts fabulous?! Click on the picture to make it larger and see the free motion quilting motifs. Wonderful! Way to go, Kathrin and gang!

Look! My name's in a German magazine! And so is Laura's!
How cool is that?! To see more pictures of their beautiful quilts, check out Kathrin's blog. Once again, I'm in awe of how people, who would otherwise probably never meet, can connect in fun and positive ways through the Internet.


  1. How wonderful to have inspired such a gorgeous quilt :)

  2. That's so wonderful, M-R! Congrats to you and Laura!

  3. You are becoming famous M-R! Congratulations!

  4. too cool. And I knew you before you were famous!

  5. Yay! :) I'm reblogging this!

  6. Glückwünsche! Und ich stimme zu, das Internet und das online Steppen der Gemeinschaft sind ein Segen. Froh, Sie durch diese Alleen getroffen zu haben!


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