Tuesday, 4 March 2014

Rough Patch

I was working on the quilting for Luscious Columns, when this happened. Not once, but twice! And tension issues. Sigh.

Funny how quilting can be a metaphor for life, eh? Not funny ha ha, but funny weird. After such a great start to last week, things went south in the extended family area shortly after my last post. Mixing metaphors, M-R?! Tsk, tsk! At least most quilting problems can be fixed. Or patched. Sorry, that was bad.

Anyways, I'm coming out of the fog now and I plan on taking this advice:

Time for a new quilt, don't you think? :)


  1. I can so relate--things frequently get quilted in on the back of the quilt when I'm not paying attention (scraps, paper, batting...), and extended family issues seem to erupt about as frequently.

  2. how frustrating with the quilting, but like you said, it can be fixed! I do hope things are fine with your family

  3. Oh yes!!! that dreaded mishap....lol I think we've all been there!!

  4. Oh I so hate it when I do that! I've become a little OCD about avoiding it which makes me even MORE annoyed when I catch it like that!

    I hope your day is going better!

  5. That is definitely my favorite version of Let it Go. ;)

  6. Some days, we should just stay in bed! Yep! I can relate!

  7. Is the saying "life imitates art" or "art imitates life"? Either way they're interconnected. Still love your Luscious Column quilt but if starting a new one will help.......do it. Enjoyed the video. It was perfect timing, I needed a reminder, myself, to let it go.

  8. This was great!! Hope everything turns out for the best and the way you want it... Thanks for the reminder to just Let it go! : )


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