Wednesday, 21 May 2014


We had a gorgeous long weekend here, celebrating Victoria Day. My guerrilla gardening attempt for this year has begun and I hope to finish up today. Not sure why I bother, but I keep hoping my black thumb may turn green someday. Most of what I did last year did survive so maybe my thumb is more charcoal now. :)

We're doing needlebook swaps for the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild this month. I drew Laura's name. She stipulated that she didn't want pastels or solids. No solids?! I've been teasing her that I'm pulling all the solid pastels from my stash just for her needlebook. And she will looooove it! ;)

A needlebook is one of those things that's been on my to do list for eons, but I just haven't got around to making one yet. For directions, I checked out these great tutorials:

And then I decided to do my own thing. There's that inability to follow patterns again. Ahem.

I know Laura likes Essex Linen and Charley Harper fabrics so I pulled out those (love that teal fabric!). I decided to make two needlebooks, just in case one didn't turn out well.

I also pulled out my grandmother's button tin to find a good button. She collected all her spare buttons for years so there are some fabulous vintage finds in there. I picked out a light one first and then the dark one. I think I prefer the dark one, but I'll let Laura decide which she prefers.

A little pocket inside with a spot for a stitch ripper and space for embroidery thread since I know Laura likes doing hand stitch embellishments.

Hopefully Laura will like one of these, but if she doesn't, I guess I'll just have to make her a solid pastel extravaganza. ;)

Hope it's beautiful and sunny wherever you are!


  1. Both look great! Nice to have the little pockets inside too!

  2. I love the little pockets inside! Nice touch! Laura is a lucky girl!

  3. I love them both! And have yet to get started making mine. PS. I would have been happy with anything you make. PSS. You are a TEASE!

  4. Nice needlebooks. I love the Charlie Harper prints. I inherited a small sewing organizer from my great grandmother. There were a few buttons in the drawer and I added them to my antique Mason Jar button stash. It was only fitting since I started my jar to mimic the one she always had on a shelf in her telephone nook. Now I am off to click on the list of patterns you compiled for some more needlebook inspiration.

  5. Love the inside pocket that a great twist!

  6. Nice work! We are beginning wool applique in my Applique club. I think a needle book is what I want to make for my first project.

  7. really sweet - I like the space for the seam ripper.

  8. They are simply beautiful. She'll love it.

  9. I triple dog dare you :) Just kidding... those ones are awesomely fun!

  10. I love how that Charlie Harper fabric looks when it's fussy cut for the project.

  11. Pocket for a seam ripper and another for thread. Very very clever!


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