Thursday, 12 June 2014

It's All Random

Quilt Canada started on Tuesday and goes until Saturday. I'm going on Saturday! Woo hoo! I still can't believe Happy Canada Day, Eh! is hanging in the National Juried Show. Eeek! Are you going?


While reading Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince to my oldest, he turned to me in all seriousness and said, "Fleur's French accent is terrible." "Thanks, Patrick, you do realize that I'm making her accent?" It took a good five minutes before we stopped giggling.


With all three boys in school now, I finally got to be a 'parent volunteer' on a school trip this week. We took my oldest's class to Arbraska Lafleche, a local zipline park and caves. Very fun.

There were lots of frogs of all sizes.

The cave. There are bats, but we didn't see any. Yay!

Very cool trees with exposed roots.

Me and my monkey.

Some neat 'clip' art they had on display.

It's voting day here in Ontario. Get out the vote!

Random enough for ya? Want more? Check out Really Random Thursday with the lovely Cindy at Live a Colorful Life.

Really Random


  1. Cool field trip ! Looks like a lot of fun.
    and better brush up on the French accent , I guess LOL
    Hope the election goes well, sounds like it is close.

  2. I already voted on my lunch break. I'm going to Quilt Canada on Saturday also. Maybe I'll see you there.

  3. Fabulous random. I LOVE your quilt--it's still one of my all-time favorites!

  4. Saw your quilt - it looks great! I'll be back at the show tomorrow, but gone by Saturday. Have fun! Looks like you did on the school trip!

  5. I hope you have a great time at Quilt Canada! I really wanted to go, but it's a bit too far for me. Next year, my local guild in Lethbridge is hosting the show, so I'll get to see everything then.


  6. Saw your quilt and had a big smile looking at it. Love the random. Reminded me of the time my oldest told his teacher "my mother sounds just like Hagrid" - I was reading the books to them. : )

  7. Very random and very fun. Thanks.

  8. I saw your quilt. It was really clever and looked great. Hope you enjoyed yourself.

  9. Your young Patrick's comment really made me giggle too! It shows that he was really wrapped up in the story which is wonderful - and then of course he hasn't heard my French accent which would be much much worse!


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