Wednesday, 18 June 2014

On A Mission

The kids finish school this week so this is my last window of concentrated child-free time for a while. Most people would take the opportunity to organize their house (we still have winter clothes in the drawers) or go get a haircut, but I'm going to use it to achieve one of my goals for this year.

This is my motto this week.

Eleanor Roosevelt

It has to do with this:

Fun, eh?

Is there something you think you cannot do? Well, I'll share this motto with you then too, okay? ;) Now, let's get at it!


  1. Very inpirational tought. I KNOW I cannot clean my studio before starting another project. Why on Earth does cleaning takes so much time ?!

    Your fabric choices are really summer colors, will you put white or dark to contrast them, or just go with all saturated colors ?

  2. There is a message in there aimed right at me this week! Thanks for reminding me, we CAN do what ever we put our minds to! ;-)

  3. wow, what fun colours on the great quote and the fabrics. Thanks for sharing! ;~) Perhaps I CAN keep all three grand kiddies! lol

  4. Those fabrics are so bright and summery! That is a fantastic motto.

  5. What a wonderful motto!! I like that. Never heard it before. Thank you.
    Looking forward to see what will come out of thees fabrics.

  6. Is that orange, I see? I can't wait to see what you do with these colours.....they're gorgeous.

  7. Great quote! Love Eleanor Roosevelt :)


  8. There are lots of things I think I cannot do. I probably can but the confidence isn't there...


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