Thursday, 31 July 2014

Textures, Colours and Patterns

I take a crazy number of photos on vacation. Who am I kidding? I take a crazy number of photos all the time. I thought I'd share with you some of the inspiring textures, colours and patterns I found in and on the way to Nova Scotia.

One of my favourite signs on the trip. I always practice saying it aloud in funny voices. My kids love that. ;)

The tin men. There's a quilt here someday...

A wharf in Halifax.

The side of a building -- cool textures and colours.

Ship ropes.

The remains of a fire.

Inukshuks at Point Pleasant Park. I tried making one, but didn't have enough time. It's an exercise in patience!

Some creative soul painted the end of a wood piling that washed up on shore.

Rust. :)

Log weathered by the ocean.

Rocks and stonework. Quilt motif?


Complementary colours.

Hope you enjoyed the view from my camera lens!


  1. Your photos are beautiful, and you're on my home turf (albeit down the other end of the province!)...Welcome to Nova Scotia - hope you get a chance to see our beautiful Cabot Trail on Cape Breton...and if you're in the Pictou County area and want a great place to eat - try Murphy's Saltwater Cafe in Pictou on the waterfront - and make sure you save room for their Blueberry Grunt - one of the best desserts you'll ever taste!

  2. Your photos are amazing! I feel like I can reach out and touch everything. And that wharf! I can almost smell it ......

  3. Beautiful! Love the moods and images. My mother is from the Maritime region, so I think it is in my heart despite my growing up in Alberta :)

  4. How pretty! Makes me wish the ocean/seaside even more. Love the weathered log, photo with the boat and the orange roof line!

  5. Ooooooh, love all of these photos! Thanks for sharing :)
    And I busted out laughing over that first sign!

  6. Now I know one of your secrets to making beautiful quilts - you have a great eye. These photos are fantastic! The weathered log would make a perfect improvisational quilt a la Jean Wells (sorry, don't know how to type French accents on my phone).

  7. loved all the textures. I think theres lots of quilts in your future...

  8. Beautiful pics. You clearly had a nice trip!

  9. Nice pics I enjoyed them for sure.

  10. These photos are fabulous -- I am going to email your post to myself, and use some of these as inspiration for art quilts! Thank you for sharing, and CONGRATS for your good eye.

  11. Thank you for taking so many photos. They're immensely inspiring.

  12. Great photographs - thank you. xx

  13. Since it's my turn to present at our August meeting on Inspiration, I am totally giving people the link to this post. :-)


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