Wednesday, 27 August 2014

All In The Family

I received the Fall issue of The Canadian Quilter on Monday and look what I found! Daniel was pretty chuffed to see himself and his quilt in the magazine. I think features like this are a great way of encouraging kids to take up the art of quilting so thank you Jo and The Canadian Quilter for doing a profile on Daniel. If you have any youth quilting story ideas, please send them to

My quilting mama's heart was already pretty stoked about Daniel's feature, when I got an email from Brandy Lynn Maslowsky saying that my story about Patrick was last week's Quilter's Corner winner on her Canadian Quilt Talk podcast. Eeek! I caught up on all of Brandy Lynn's podcasts this summer during our road trips and have become a huge fan. She has a great energy and features wonderful quilting talent and content on her show. I had been saving Thursday's podcast for the kids' first day of school, when I could listen to it in peace (with tea and bonbons). ;) 

A while ago, I had submitted a story about my oldest son's reaction to my Snow Crab Nebula being 'featured' in the Canadian Museum of History. It was such a thrill to hear Brandy Lynn share it in the podcast and what a delightful bonus to hear that I'd won a fat quarter bundle of Elaine Quehl's new fabric line with Northcott. Yummy! Patrick was pretty psyched too and I suspect he may try to claim the winnings. Ha, he'll have to arm wrestle me for it! Elaine is the featured artist on the show. I've taken three workshops with Elaine and adore her work. It's a great episode so check it out if you get a chance. All of the podcasts are available online so you can go back and listen to past ones too. Thank you very much Brandy Lynn, Elaine and Northcott! 

Now to get son number 3 involved...muwahaha! 

I'm determined to get a little quilting in today and will be playing with this palette for a friend's new baby. Almost feels Fall-ish, eh? I don't think the final quilt will feel Fall-ish, but we'll see. What are you working on?

Have a great one!


  1. All this news is very exciting! Good luck with sone number 3.

  2. Very pretty colors together! And what a cool thing for you and your son to have happen! I bet he is so proud of you :-)

  3. How exciting for Patrick and Daniel! Welcome to the wonderful world of quilting boys!! Looking forward to seeing that baby quilt. The colours are yummy! Oh, and congrats on winning the fabric by Elaine!

  4. Oh boy, what a treat it is to see yourself in print. Congratulations!

  5. That magazine has changed a lot over the years. I may just have to get a copy ; )

  6. Thanks for the intro to the podcasts! I enjoyed the most recent one and will have fun going back through the archives.

  7. I'm so glad you're happy with the photos. Thanks for the shout out. He deserved to be featured. Don't forget to let me know if Daniel makes anything else or you get the other children involved.......muwhahaha!! I'm going to start posting youth stories to the CQA/ACC blog so the more stories I get, the better.

  8. It is quite funny. I have two girls and I don't want them to get involved since I want to keep my hobby to myself :) Bad mommy! Anyway your news are exciting especially in terms of speaking about boys!


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