Modern Block Monday - Arrows

My habit to spend 20 minutes a day quilting is getting tested, but I finished these two arrow blocks for Sheila in my Canadians Quilt Bee so there's some progress. It uses Carla's great tutorial

Note to self (and anyone else who is interested): If you do the strips longer at around 24", then you can get two sets of arrow tails out of the strip. It took me a while to wrap my head around this block, but I really enjoyed making them in the end. 

Will definitely be making more of these...


  1. Very nice job on the arrows! I'm glad to see you are getting some time for sewing. It's been pretty slow for me lately.

  2. Wonderful! Yes, once you make 1 you can play around with what works for you ; )
    Also, making two identical strip sets allows you to cut several tail feathers in one direction and several in the other.
    Thanks for sharing!

  3. You did a beautiful job on them. Thank you for sharing. GOD bless.

  4. What an interesting block. Glad you are getting some time to sew. xx


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