Monday, 9 February 2015

Modern Block Monday - Courthouse Steps

Now in my book, Courthouse Steps is one of the most traditional blocks there is. So why am I featuring it for Modern Block Monday? Mostly because I think it's a great block regardless of how long it's been around and because I think many so-called traditional block can be made fresh and modern with the choice of fabrics. Let's go for a little modern traditionalism today, kay?

Jaclyn in my Canadians Quilt Bee asked for this block using this yummy colour palette and using this tutorial from Displacement Activity. I have made this block before, but not the way indicated in the tutorial. The tutorial has you cut the strips wider than needed and then trim down after it's been sewn to the block. This is a great way of making sure the block is accurate. As my 1/4" seams are now more accurate than they used to be, I found the almost 1/2" trim too much so I cut my strips to 1.75" after the first couple of rows.

I can't wait to see what Jaclyn does with these blocks!

Courthouse Steps - February Canadians Quilt Bee Block

I'm on deck to host TGIFF! this week so get those finishes ready and join me!


  1. Hi There! Having made the same block, I agree with you that 2" was a bit much, I also cut my strips 1.75", but yes, this is a great way to do the block. For a block that requires precision, this method is very forgiving, even if one's 1/4" seam is not completely accurate.

  2. I am a bit of a modernishionalist myself. Lovely block, M-R. Jaclyn should be well pleased! See you on Friday!

  3. Great block. I have not made this one...might have to give it a try.


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