Wednesday, 1 July 2015

Happy Birthday, Canada!

Happy Canada Day, Eh!
Hi everyone, I hope the weather is better in your neck of the woods -- raining here. It had better clear up in time for the fireworks tonight. We take our fireworks seriously around here!

Things are looking up. My mom finished her treatments yesterday so now we wait to see how well they worked. Fingers crossed, but it looks like they caught it early. Woo hoo!

School's out and summer has officially begun (not that you'd really know it by the weather lately, but at least it's green outside, instead of white!).

I've even been doing some quilting -- yay!

First, I caught up on my Bee blocks:

For Krista in my OMQG Bee, the Stamp Collection block by Elizabeth Hartman (tutorial). Krista provided the grey solid and we provided the scraps. She wanted scrappy...and she got it!

Stamp Collection Block

Stacked books for EP (EP provided the Kona Snow and the tutorial, but you can find a tutorial using a different method on Craftsy):


Flying Geese for Dom @ The Running Thimble. I love Dominique's inspiration! (tutorial from Quiltcetera):

  Flying Geese for The Running Thimble

Now that I'm all caught up, I do some other fun projects. I've started a project with these lovelies courtesy of the Fat Quarter Shop and Art Gallery Fabrics... :D

  Just a wee bit excited to start playing with these fabulous fabrics! @fatquartershop @artgalleryfabrics

Hope you have a fabulous day and Happy Canada Day to my fellow 0.05% of the world's population. He he!

And the answer is, yes of course. ;)


  1. Oh my goodness- that stamp quilt!!! Just stunning. Happy Canada Day!

  2. happy Canada day M-R...glad your Mom is doing ok.

  3. of course! Happy Canada Day, M-R. Yes it is green but I do have a sweater on but maybe not later in the day. What's new with our weather, eh! happy to see all is going good for you. :)

  4. Happy Canada Day to you too! Love the blocks! Glad to hear good news for your Mom.

  5. Omg, I want to make that stamp quilt. Please make a pattern.... I'll test it from r you.

  6. Omg, I want to make that stamp quilt. Please make a pattern.... I'll test it from r you.

  7. Happy Canada Day!! Your bee blocks are fabulous. And yes, he does apologize. LOL The postage stamp quilt is awesome. Did you design it? Or was it a pattern?

  8. Glad your Mom is in the next step of her recovery. Nice bee blocks!

  9. Happy Canada Day M.R. I'm glad your mom finished her treatments and I'm crossing my fingers as well.

  10. Happy Canada Day!!! You have been busy!! Hope all works out well for your mom!

  11. Happy Canada Day! hot and hazy in Winnipeg today.

  12. Love and hugs to you and your Mom!!! Happy Canada Day!

  13. I used to live outside Buffalo in upstate NY so occasionally would meet Canadians. Every time I had visitors we'd go to Niagara Falls and walk across the bridge to Canada or once in awhile drive. I knew the answer to your question as soon as I read it and it was the same as yours. Sending a prayer for your mom.

  14. Happy Canada Day (a day late...;o)! Hope the weather cleared for those fireworks.

    Your stamp quilt is one of my all time favourites, M-R. It's so gorgeous!

    Keeping you and your Mom in my thoughts.

  15. Happy Canada Day! Sorry, a bit late or terribly early. I, too, would have gotten the correct answer! When I lived in Texas, I'm don't think I ever met a Canadian. Now that I have moved to Washington, that terrible void in my life has been filled. Yay! I would never have thought that such a positive stereotype of Canadians being extremely nice could be true. But it is! Every Canadian I have met has been sooo great. Really, 100%. And it's more than nice. I have found them to be people I just "click" with, automatic buds. If we could afford it and if Canada would have us, my husband and I would scootch right on up to British Columbia in a nanosecond! So, I hope you had a fun day yesterday doing whatever Canadians do on such occasions and it's so nice to hear another lovely Canadian, your Mother, is feeling better!


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