Sunday, 24 April 2016

A Capital Swap

I love how the quilting community works. Last year, Robin from the Washington DC Modern Quilt Guild (DCMQG) contacted me about doing a swap between the DCMQG and the Ottawa Modern Quilt Guild. Heck ya said my guild mates (okay, I may be paraphrasing).

The challenge was this - DCMQG members would make a pillowcase or mini quilt (approx. 15" square) reflecting Ottawa or Canada for their Canadian partners and the OMQG members would do the same but reflect DC or USA for their American partners.

I have been contemplating an Americanized version of my Happy Canada Day, eh? quilt for some time and thought it might be fun to make a mini one for my partner, Jamie from Busy Bee Quilts (@beacraftygirl on Instagram).

The mini I made for Jamie had magenta, her favourite colour, for the flag stripes. Aqua pairs nicely for the outer star and the big giggle was the Sweetwater Road 15 fabric for the inner star. It has a lot of the U.S. state names on it, which are also streets in DC.

For the quilting, I went with matchstick in the stripes and straight line echoes in the stars. Simple, but I hope, effective.

The back.

I was delighted to receive Jamie's mini quilt. She knew I liked rainbow so she made this awesome rainbow maple leaf mini.

I love the colours paired with the black and white prints. 

I'm not the only one who used Road 15. Great minds... ;)

Jamie sent along these great crab socks too because Maryland (where she is) is known for it's blue crabs. Will have to give them a try some day.

Check out this beautiful backing too!

Thank you Jamie for a gorgeous mini! And thanks to OMQG and DCMQG for a capital swap!


  1. Brilliant minis, both given and received!

  2. I think you both made out. :D

  3. What a successful swap! Great idea!!

  4. What a great idea for a swap. Both minis are awesome. Great job by both of you.

  5. Love the quilt you made! What a fun interpretations of the US flag.

  6. I love them! Yours is just so much fun and the quilting is beautiful. And Jamie's is also very sweet - love the socks! :-)

  7. You're a genius! Love that mini! XO


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