Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Colour Palette Play

On the way home from QuiltCon, the #ottmqgdrinkingteam, as we named the OMQG contingent at QuiltCon 2016, had some time to kill while waiting for our flight. After the excitement of a star spotting (which took me a month to figure out his name -- sorry Ken!), we got down to some play time. We couldn't let the QuiltCon good times end just yet.

I pulled out my box of Denyse Schmidt fat quarters (yes, I might have overpacked for Gwen Marston's Small Studies Improv class...oops) and wrangled my barely awake guild mates into a palette picker game. There's a tongue twister here, I think; How many palettes can a palette picker pick, if a palette picker could pick palettes? 18, apparently. 

Thanks @alisonharle for getting this photo!
An intense discussion about which green worked better with the palette. @aboutkirstin was laying bets about whether @slostudio and I would come to blows. True story. Not. ;)
Anyways, at first it was just putting together some colour palettes that we liked or thought worked well together. But then we got more daring and provided a challenge fabric to start us off. For me, that's usually brown or yellow. The results of our pre-boarding play are below.

It was really fun to see what palettes each of us picked -- different styles and colour preferences made for some really interesting combinations. There were a few I never would have thought worked, but they did!

Hope you enjoyed following along with our game. :)


  1. Sounds like a fun way to pass time at the airport. I'm sure other passengers thought you were crazy LOL

  2. I'm with you got some strange looks. Very nice bundles, well done.

  3. Color games are the Best Part of making a quilt....
    The second best part is finishing the binding and calling it done!
    Everything in-between is just a pain. LOL

  4. There are some really wonderful colour combinations here.
    I think it would be fun for the rest of us to know who participated, how many each person curated, then try to match the picker to which palette.

  5. How fun. And I'm so glad I was able to meet you and Stacey!

  6. You came up with some very interesting palette's indeed.

  7. I wonder what the other non-quilters in the airport thought of you guys. Looks like fun and such variety.

  8. Fun :) Some look really good!


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