Monday, 30 January 2017

TGIFF! - Heart Strings

This quilt is two years in the making. I first shared the my design process for this top in September 2015. I wanted to do a vertical version of October Sky, but in reds.

Just as I was starting the hand stitching, my mom got very sick. She spent almost two weeks in the hospital and I brought this project along to help pass the time and manage the fear and sadness.

After her stay and all the emotion from that time, I just couldn't work on this project for a while. She's had multiple hospital visits since and each time, I've brought this project along. It's been quite therapeutic.

I finally finished this in the fall. I'm so glad this one is done. It feels like closure on that time.

With all the emotions stitched into this project, the design and the colours, Heart Strings seemed an appropriate name. To me, this is not a happy quilt and I've been reluctant to share it. Given the events of the last few days in the States and in Quebec City last night, I feel like my heart is breaking again so I thought it's time to share the quilt.

Some photos of the details.

I really love the texture of the hand stitch and machine quilting combination. I used 6 shades of red DMC floss and Aurifil thread for the red section and 2 shades of grey DMC and Aurifil thread for the grey background. 

Final size: 30" by 19"

I'll be linking up with TGIFF! later this week.

Hopeful things will get better. Take care! XO


  1. This is beautiful and full of meaning. Thank you for sharing...

  2. Beautiful. I am heart sick from what happened in my own province. Wordless.

  3. Oh, this is just beautiful. Love that you show the exquisite details in your photos, too.

  4. It is very beautiful and I hope you have shared it and its meaning for you with your mother. It will mean a lot to her I'm sure. As to world events - I am speechless - unable to express my horror and sadness adequately. Where and when will it end? Thank you for sharing your quilt with us. Lynne xx

  5. Yes I'm hoping things will get better as well. Your quilt is beautiful.

  6. Gorgeous, as always!! Perfect name, M-R

  7. Thank you for being willing to touch your own pain again so that you could share this quilt with us. As hard as it is to see our countries suffering, it helps to know that there are like minded (and like hearted!) souls around us.

    This quilt is exquisitely beautiful. I know you will find it's true home someday, where it will help heal someone.

  8. It looks great. I like the mix of hand and machine quilting.


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