Friday, 30 September 2011

Patrick Spies a Bottled Rainbow

We are done Patrick's Bottled Rainbow quilt! I'm doing my Happy Dance right now. Both boys' quilts are done and on their beds. Patrick did a great job with his mosaics and he's pretty proud of his quilt. Yay! For details on how I made this a kid-friendly project, check out my post about Daniel Spies a Bottled Rainbow.

Patrick Spies a Bottled Rainbow - Front


Happy boy!

I'm just about done the binding on Project Y so I'll share that one next week. I'm very happy with how the quilting turned out. I think this one is my favourite quilt to date. 

Happy Friday, all!


  1. It is fabulous. Definitely something I would like to try with my children.

  2. Love Patrick's super cool quilt. It's so bright and cheerful. Thanks for the close ups - the stripey binding works a treat and I love the back of the quilt too :)

  3. Looks awesome!! What a great idea to get the kids quilting with you!

  4. This turned out so GREAT -- the colours, the details, the quilting, everything!!

  5. First I've seen/heard of such a quilt! Awesome!! Love it! 8-)


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