Sunday, 23 October 2011

A Problem

I started this quilt in a wonderful workshop called 10BX for Fibre Artists by Mary Pal two and a 1/2 years ago (I think). Mary had set up 10 stations where we were to try different fibre art techniques. The theme was fall leaves. We did foiling, felting, seta colour, fusible transfer, watercolour pencils, plus several other techniques. It was so much fun and felt like we were playing.

I wanted to make a fall wallhanging for our entryway. After the workshop, I played with the layout, finished the top, sandwiched the quilt and did the straight-line quilting that I wanted. Then I was stumped.

I couldn't free motion quilt (FMQ), which is what I wanted to do to outline the leaves and add veins. I also wanted to FMQ the backgrounds and the upper and lower border with leaves. So into the WIP/UFO pile it went.

Friday night, I was thinking about this project again. I am able to do the FMQ that I want now so I was thinking that this might be a good project to finish up. Pulling it out again, I'm stuck on the brown. I was trying to be bold and use a colour that is out of my comfort zone. Brown definitely fit that bill. I was going to bind it in the brown too, but now I want to go with the facing-style binding that I used for Don't Worry, Be Scrappy. Funny how your tastes change.

The quilt looks better in person than it photographs, but I'm still having a problem with the brown. And now I'm also having a problem with the bottom border fabric -- the dark green mid-way down looks too dark now. Do I unstitch the straight line quilting and redo the borders or plow ahead? I'd welcome any suggestions. Decision, decisions...


  1. I actually like the darker stripe at the bottom....sort of anchors the whole thing. A mixed dark binding would be great and tie it all together as a frame. And do use a lot of FMQ to compress the background for the different leaves to pop. Either way you decide, it is a wonderful sample for techniques. Love it.

  2. Maybe make à binding of different fabrics , different lengths stitched together with à diagonal Seam, that way slip in all THE colours you used in THE quilt

  3. Oh I agree with looks wonderful....lots of FMQ will make this quilt

  4. I like Debbie's idea too. What fun leaves! I love how this looks, and would love to see it finished.


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