Friday, 21 October 2011

TGIFF! - Don't Worry, Be Scrappy!

Yesterday was one of those days. You know the ones when things just don't go the way you planned -- not at all, not even close. They aren't really bad days, just one little thing after another goes off the rails. I try really hard to just go with the flow on those days and not make it worse. Not so successful yesterday though. Oh well, it all worked out in the end and today is, thankfully, a new day.

My day yesterday just makes this finish all the more fitting. Here's my scrap splat challenge for Generation Q magazine - Don't Worry, Be Scrappy!

Since the colours of the scraps were all over the place, I decided to focus on the values and see what I could do with those. We could only add solids so to help focus on the values, I just added one solid - black. For the quilting, I continued on the value theme. I had a pack of Wonderfil with 8 values ranging from pink to burgundy. I used those for the quilting. Not so sure about the quilting, but I'm going with it. I also tried a facing binding for the first time, using Susan Brubaker Knapp's awesome tutorial. Love this look!

Thank you to the wonderful Erin at Missy Mac Creations for hosting this week's TGIFF! party. I know she had a tough day yesterday too, so head on over there to spread some quilty love and see the fabulous finishes. If you have a finish, you are more than welcome to link up!

Happy Friday!


  1. Nobody can tell from your quilting that you had one of the not so good days. It looks perfect and will make a great quilt for your entry!

  2. Wow - how big is it? I love those triangles and the quilting looks great, following the scrappy theme and I like how it's simple and then more interesting with the fancy stitching!! :)

  3. M R , youre quilt is lovely. Having the black background really makes those HST s twinkle and I think your quilting is fabulous!!!!!

  4. Wow the quilting is fabulous and I love how it all "pops off" the black fabric. Gorgeous.

  5. OMG, you are so talented, if you haven't already been featured in a magazine, you soon will be! Black was a brilliant choice!

  6. I missed that you participated in this challenge too. This is so cool! :)


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