Thursday, 8 December 2011

TGIFF! - Wee Spy Quilts

Welcome to this week's TGIFF!

I must say that I've been enjoying the motivation that TGIFF! brings me to get my projects completed. However, the part I'm most enjoying is seeing other's people's work. Such a great variety of projects and styles. As this is the last TGIFF! party I'll be hosting this calendar year, I wanted to take this opportunity to thank all of you who have party-cipated in TGIFF! over the last couple of months. Your work has inspired and energized me to try new things.

This quilt likes playing hockey
While my finish this week is not a new project for me, I made the Wee Spy quilt top as a leader/ender project, which is a new piecing technique for me.

I was able to piece the whole top before I even finished piecing the back of Clockwork Orange! That's pretty much a free quilt, people. And no crazy thread tails to snip on either project. Based on this experience, I'm sold on the leader/ender technique and will be incorporating it into my regular piecing routine.

Once my Wee Spy was basted, it took only a couple of hours to straight line quilt and machine bind it. I've made almost 40 of these (it's my go-to baby gift) so I can whip them up very fast.

I was pretty happy friggin' esctatic to have a finish so early in the week. With all the other Christmas prep, a no stress TGIFF! was just what I was aiming for.

But...on Wednesday night, I was digging through one of my WIP baskets (yes, I have baskets of the damn things wonderful works in progress) looking for another project when I found an incomplete Wee Spy. I'd forgotten this one even existed! I think I started this one four years ago as we were heading into our big renovation. It probably got put away when I packed up my sewing stuff. It was even all basted and ready to quilt.

Well, when I found it, I think I got a little loopy (it was late at night) and decided that, sure, I had time to finish it for TGIFF! Some crazy nap time quilting today and here is Wee Spy - The Cuckoo Choo Choo Version:
This quilt likes playing hockey too.

I'll be donating both quilts, as well as a few toys, to some children less fortunate than my own. My hope is that we can make their holidays a little more comfortable and brighter this year. 

The back of the quilts - turtles and trains
Now, before I forget, I'll be party-cipating in the Quilting Gallery's Blog Hop Party and Sew Mama Sew's Giveaway Day. I'll be doing TWO giveaways, one starting on the 9th and ending on the 17th and one starting on the 12th and ending on the 16th. So be sure to come back and enter! I would love to see one of you win.

Okay, I showed you mine, now it's time to see your finishes!


  1. Hi M R. I love your Wee Spy quilts - they are so bright and colourful. That is so nice of you to donate them to less fortunate children - I'm sure they will love them

  2. I am sure who ever gets your quilts will love them

  3. They are so cute!! I've not done one of these but I will :) I love the quilt playing hockey! Hilarious :)

  4. Wow! Very cool quilts! Good job hitting your finish date :)

  5. Awesome shots in the goals! Fun staging. :D

  6. Gorgeous! Keep meaning to do an ispy... maybe I'll add it to next year's never-ending list. ;)

    Lovely of you to donate them too. Very special.


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