Saturday, 14 January 2012

Psst! Meet Me at Midnight in the Secret Garden of Paris

I'm sure you've heard of Laura's Blogger's Choice Fat Quarter Bundle Challenge? You select 12 prints and 3 solids for the chance of winning a half yard of each of your selections. I'm just squeaking in under the wire here mostly because this was more of a challenge for me than I'd first thought.

I've never shopped online for fabric before (gasp!) so I spent hours checking out Fat Quarter Shop's selection -- wow, they got a lot of fabric, y'all! And I struggled trying to get a palette. Once I found the palette I wanted though, then I had to figure out how to make a collage because I haven't done one of those either. After trying a few different online options without success, I downloaded Picasa. Success!

So I give you The Secret Garden of Paris Bundle. Think cafés, the Seine, intrigue, Notre Dame Cathedral, beautiful stone architecture, secret passageways, Père Lachaise cemetery, fabulous decor, the ballrooms at Versailles. Yeah, I don't think I'm winning either, but it was sure fun (mostly) trying! :) Thanks for a great challenge, Laura and Fat Quarter Shop!

1) Free Spirit Designer Solids Grey Yardage
2) Aunt Grace Centennial Solids Williamsburg Blue Yardage SKU# 5901-1835
3) Aunt Grace Centennial Solids Pewter Yardage SKU# 5901-238
4) Etchings Aqua and Parchment Paris Map Yardage
 SKU# 3736-36 
5) The Cocheco Mills Collection IV Navy and Blue Fish Scale Stripe Yardage SKU# 4017-122
6) Taza Neutral Ribbon Damask Yardage 
7) Etchings Aqua Antique Architecture Yardage 
SKU# 4060-23 
8) Lost and Found Gray Medallion Dots Yardage SKU# C2603-GRAY  
9) Put Your Heart In It Powder Blue Paisley Yardage 
SKU# 7602-11 
10) Generals' Wives Blue Ovals Yardage SKU# 33264-2
11) Etchings Aqua Wallpaper Yardage 
SKU# 4065-13 
12) Stitch Organic Steel Tonal Patchwork Yardage SKU# 11901-185
13) Route 66 Grey Pavement Yardage SKU# 33345-5
14) Etchings Parchment Script Handwriting Yardage 
SKU# 3728-26 
15) Secret Garden Midnight Garden Gate Yardage SKU# SH5021-MIDN-D


  1. Love you color palette and the virtual vacation you took us on to Paris, my favorite city ever!

  2. What a beautiful color palette you've chosen, a harmonious combination

  3. Ooh, I like this!!! And it's such a nice name too! Good luck! Can't believe you've never shopped online before!

  4. I love your palette, I think it is one of my favorites so far!

  5. I really like your choices. The Paris theme is great!


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