Modern Block Monday - Diamond Ripples

Holy freaking WOO HOO do I love this block! I feel like the girl in this video, only I'm saying, "I like the purples, I like the layout, I like the triangles, I like the yellows, I like the black background..."

This is Lara Finlayson's Diamond Ripples from 99 Modern Blocks, compiled by Susanne Woods. Lara did her block in some beautiful modern prints with a white background. Here is mine:

I had to do some stitch ripping and not all of the seams fit perfectly, but most do so I'm pretty happy with that. Yay!

Completed blocks to date:
Next week's block is Four Acres by Solidia Hubbard.

Happy (snowy) Monday, all! At least for those in the Ottawa area. Snow?! I knew we weren't done with winter yet. ;)


  1. I think this is my favorite one so far!! Love it!

  2. I love your block! We have snow here too!

  3. holy shite - the thought of all those HST's and matching corners is giving me the vapours. lol There are several reasons I became an art quilter; and not having to ever match seams like this on large scale is one of them!

    But your block is BEE-YOOOOOO-TI-FULLLLLL!

  4. Ooooh, it's just gorgeous! I'm picturing a whole quilt made from this pretty block... wouldn't it be fantastic?

  5. lol...Kit made me laugh...I love this block M-R. I can't pick a favorite..I like all of them...And I do love the black backgrounds.

  6. Wow, M-R, that looks fantastic! Absolutely gorgeous!

  7. I don't know what the original block looked like but I LOVE your version, the colours are spectacular! I think you have my address... hint, hint! ;D

  8. Absolutely jaw dropping! The bits of yellow is it a 3D look! I can't pick a favourite either, but this sure heads the pack!
    So sorry you are having ugly weather(as I grin in our 22C day here in Toontown!)

  9. I love it! your choice of colours is wonderful!

  10. Fantastic block, M-R. Very sorry to hear about the snow. I know Ontario usually has one big dump shortly after Spring but this late in April is nutso!

  11. I really love it too! Can't wait to see all these modern blocks in a quilt!

  12. So great! That girl is adorable, I love the one about her imagination!! So sweet, I hope you weren't dancing on your bathroom counter though ;)


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