Modern Block Monday - Garden Lattice

Happy Monday all and Happy Victoria Day for those in Canada! It is gorgeous here so this post is going to be quick. This week's block is Garden Lattice by Weeks Ringle and Bille Kerr from 99 Modern Blocks, compiled by Susanne Woods. Their block used greens on a white background, but I thought I'd try mine with blues on black. I love how this one seems to glow.

It's been awhile since I've done a collage of the blocks to date. Looking very busy...

Collage of Modern Block Monday

Completed blocks to date:
Have a great Monday, all!


  1. Your block is it!

  2. It's great to see all those blocks together. They all glow! It's amazing how black really makes the other colours shine out :)

  3. I love the blues in this block. They all look so wonderful together - you are making great progress!

  4. It does glow!! I love the blue on have a great mind for colour.
    I've been on here way too long...with the Quilt Festival and May Giveaway....going crazy!!

  5. Wonderful to see all those stunning blocks together! What a treat!

  6. My, isn't that stunning. I don't think I've seen them all. This'll require a special setting!

  7. Holy cow, your version looks so much better!!! I didn't ever want to make that block before, but now I definitely do.

  8. All the blocks are looking so great but I love love love that lattice block! It looks so striking with the black background.

  9. Stunning - they all seem to glow and they are incredible! X

  10. Duh, uh, bu'...I am speechless. So extremely gorgeous. I have GOT to do some blocks with black background!


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