Thursday 7 June 2012

TGIFF! - Playing With Leaves

Happy Friday/almost Friday wherever you are and welcome to TGIFF! I'm doing the happy dance again because I finally finished my 10BX Leaves wallhanging! Woo hoo!

This project began in a 10BX Fibre art class with Mary Pal at least three years ago. That was an awesome class where I learned so much. I remember saying, "it's like we're playing" as we went from one station to the next, experimenting with different surface design techniques. So much fun!
Not loving the border

Where I got stuck with finishing this at first was the machine quilting. I wanted to do free motion quilting on it and some of the leaves needed to be stitched down and given veins. I pulled it out again last year and added some borders and began some straight line quilting to stabilize it. But I hated the brown so shoved it back on the WIP pile.

Bye, bye brown!
This project is on my Finish-along list so when I was trying to figure out what to finish for this week's TGIFF!, this baby called my name. I couldn't live with those brown borders though and wouldn't unstitch the straight line quilting. Light bulb! I cut off the brown and replaced it using quilt as you go. Why didn't I think of that ages ago?

I added the front and the back with a slight larger than 1/4" seam allowance so the brown was completely covered by the seam.

New upper border section 
Then I attached the batting for the new upper border section with a three stitch zig zag.
Three stitch zig zag to attach the new upper border
section batting to the older center section 
Then I folded the new upper border section front and back upwards to cover the batting, pin basted it and quilted it. I did the same thing for the bottom.

Small stippling
The quilting is mostly small leaves with curlicues and small stippling in a green variegated thread by Aurifil that I had in my stash. Perfect!
Leaf veins

Small leaves and curlicue quilting
Then I faced it using Susan Brubaker Knapp's awesome tutorial et c'est fini! I'm much happier with the new fabrics.
Playing With Leaves

[Edited: Also linking up to a new linky party for June finishes.]
June Finishes


  1. love the softer colors - very pretty :)

  2. I love this M R. Such beautiful shades of green and fabulous quilting!

  3. This is really lovely M-R!

  4. Sometimes the timing just has to be right for a finish and the timing was definitely right for you here, your quilt is lovely.

  5. Looks lovely! And just in time for Fall... In Australia at least ;) well, it's winter really.... ;) That cocktail looks yummy - we are talking alcoholic cider aren't we???

  6. What a beautiful wall hanging! The leaves are so lovely :)

  7. This turned out so very well. Excellent. I like the colours.

  8. That sounds a really interesting class. It was inspired to cut off the brown you didn't like. All the colours are beautiful now :)

  9. I really like it!! I like the new colors, very creative of you to cut off the brown and replace it using QAG!! Good job!

  10. I love your leaves!
    As I am learning more, buying more books, and seeing what others are making, I am so wanting to just sew and sew and sew. I am having a major problem finding time to fit everything in.
    I have let Friday slip by me for weeks on announcing my finishes, so my post is rather long today. I am proud of myself for not letting another Friday slip by me!

  11. Lovely wall hanging! Love the detail on the leaves - just beautiful!

  12. So beautiful! Your leaves are amazing and the filler quilting you did is the perfect accent. I love it! Congrats on such a great finish and thank you for linking up!

    xo -E


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