Friday, 21 September 2012

TGIFF! - Oh My {Modern} Goodness!

It's Friday and I'm definitely celebrating! I finished my Modern Goodness top. Woo hoo!

I'm finally getting a consistent 1/4" seam!

So most of my points are meeting properly!

Here is the completed top, trying to blend in.

But I think there's some good pop.

Some lessons learned...the hard way... :)
  • When you've got a specific colour layout, number the rows and/or the blocks. 
  • Sew the bias edges of your triangles first. The Hex N More ruler actually helps you know which side is on the crossgrain (the tip is cut off). Try to sew this side last as it is the most stable (minimize stretch).
  • Starch or Best Press is also helpful for minimizing stretch.
  • Be very careful not to pull on the triangle edges as they are being sewn so you don't stretch the sides of the triangles.
  • Use the little seam tips in the triangles for lining up points when doing rows. Once the rows are sewn together, then trim off the tips to minimize bulk. 
I also finished September's Don't Worry {Bee} Happy block for Charlotte of Twelfth Zodiac. Such great taste in colour and fabrics the women of this Bee have!

I'm linking up with Jane of Where Jane Creates because she's hosting TGIFF! this week. She has finished a lovely 10 year WIP. Way to go, Jane!

Have a great weekend, everyone! I will be spending mine in the rain with nine Beavers. If you don't hear from me next week, send some hot toddies. ;)


  1. Good job M-R! I love the triangles!! Good luck with Beavers!

  2. Your triangles are so nice and precise looking and you did a great job with color selection! Awesoome

  3. Love it! This style is on my to do list! Great colors, thanks for this tips, I will especially need them when I attempt it! It wont be for a little while yet though!

  4. Oh the quilt top is so brilliant!!! Love those matching points, well done!! I'm desperate to make a triangle quilt but now I'm nervous! The colours are fab too.
    Great bee block as well :)

  5. Love this quilt top! The pop of green is just gorgeous!

  6. I love it M-R! That green is one of my favourites to add pop to just about anything.Isn't it wonderful when points match up?

  7. You should be VERY proud of those points! Wowee!

  8. This is beautiful, makes me want to pull out those solids more often.
    Thanks for linking to TGIFF.

  9. I love the way the greens and yellows pop light and the black pops dark. It's a great effect :)

  10. love that triangle quilt - just gorgeous - the green looks sensational against the greys


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