Monday, 24 September 2012

Hustling From Now Until The End of the World

I survived Beaver camp -- yay! -- but brought home a cold -- boo! We actually had a fabulous time and the weather was much better than forecasted. Phew! It was so fun introducing Daniel to canoeing and camping and watching him experience a campfire and sleeping in a tent for the first time. Now that I'm back from hustling kids to and fro, I can get back to hustling other things...


HBC Point Blanket Quilt Top
Back in January, I set some pretty big quilty goals for this year. I've been meaning to review them, but other things kept snagging my attention. When I started seeing posts for The 100 Day Hustle with Kelsey Sews though, I thought it was a perfect chance to get back on track! Great idea, Kelsey!

Let's review and update my goals - updates are bolded in burgundy:

1) Not just starting quilts, but finishing them!
  • Since I'm hosting TGIFF! once a month, I'd like to have a quilt finished per month. Some of these will hopefully be:
    • A quilt to cover our own poor bed! - My Hudson's Bay Point Blanket quilt is half-way quilted - Doable!
    • A leader/ender quilt for the guest room - Hmm, not sure about this one!
    • More charity quilts - Achieved, but this will be ongoing.
    • A few things off my bucket list - Achieved. Tulip à la Elaine Quelh, HBC point blanket quilt in progress.
    • FINISH MY EXISTING WIPs - they are out of control! - Yikes! I better hustle!
Modern Block Monday - Diamond Ripples
2) Design:
  • Design a quilt to share online. - In progress. I shared the measurements and instructions for the HBC point blanket quilt top, but not the back or binding yet.
  • Modern Block Monday - Make and share a block from Modern Blocks every Monday. I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE this book! I don't think I'll do all of the blocks in the book but I'd like to make a Modern Block Sampler. - 24 blocks done. Will need to pull this out to see what's left to do.
  • Raise my EQ so that I don't turn into a Wild Thing every time I use Electric Quilt. I will start learning EQ from the beginning AGAIN! This is attempt number 3, but I'll post my misadventures here so I don't give up this time. I really don't get what the block (ha ha) is that I have with this program but I will succeed this year. As I figure out this program, I'll make and post some of the designs that I make. - I designed two quilts on EQ this year. Still turn into a Wild Thing though.
  • Do a tutorial on the growth chart. Done! You can check it out here.
Tulip à la Elaine Quelh/
Colour My World Purple Challenge
3) Colour:
  • Colour My World Challenge - This one is going to be a fun experiment and challenge! Each month, I will be doing a small project (12" by 12" or 14" by 14") focusing on one colour. Red, blue and purple will probably be easy. White, orange and brown, not so much. The Colour My World Challenge is going very well! 
  • Once I figure out EQ, use it to experiment with different colour schemes, especially those outside of my comfort zone. Achieved, but by using the Stash Play game.
4) Technique:
  • Achieve a consistent 1/4" seam allowance. Seriously, I've been quilting for um-13 + years and I still can't do this properly. It's why I don't make blocks. This will change. - Achieved! 
  • Learn and practice more free motion quilting - participating in the QAYGFMQQAL and the 2012 Free Motion Quilting Project should help achieve this goal. Achieved with What the FMQAYGQAL?, although my participation in the 2012 Free Motion Quilting Project has ebbed a bit. Will fix that.
  • Learn and experiment more with new-to-me techniques:
Very good progress overall for the year, but still some BHAGs (Big, hairy audacious goals) left to go. To recap, for my 100 Day Hustle, I will:
  • Finish the HBC Point Blanket quilt and share the rest of the instructions online.
  • Catch up on the 2012 Free Motion Quilting Challenge.
  • Try machine-pieced curves.
  • Finish five projects from my On hold/UFO mashup list, one of which will be a quilt for the guest room.
  • Keep working with EQ.
Right! Gulp! Off to hustle now...
Kelsey Sews


  1. Wow! That is quite the list! Glad to see you have achieved so many goals for 2012 already! I am sure the rest will get done as well.

  2. You have achived more then you think. If you are working on your curves, try the Just Curve foot, it will make your drunkards path blocks sail on through.

  3. You already have some great progress!! I'm hoping to do some curves too :) Thanks for linking up!

  4. Wow that's an impressive list! I have trouble achieving my Just Three goals each month so I am particularly awed by your list, M-R!

  5. you are doing wonderfully! Lots of progress on your goals list.
    I laughed out loud reading BHAG - I'm dealing with that term on a daily basis at work.

  6. good luck on your goals. Piecing curves aren't as scary as they seem. Again, good luck, maybe I'll jump in the hustle myself.

  7. Good luck M-R...I love your color my world pieces....I like everything you do so........

  8. I am in total awe of your list AND your progress. And I would love to raise my EQ as well. I bought the latest version. It is still in the box. How helpful...


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