Sunday, 14 October 2012

Q3 FA{I}L So On To Q4

2012 Finish-A-LongWith the kids home from school and fall activities, I knew the third quarter for the Finish-A-Long with Rhonda from Quilter In The Gap was going to be tough. I thought I could still finish three projects though. Apparently not. Oh well, let's move them to Q4 and add one more...

1) Hudson's Bay Point Blanket Quilt: It may not have gotten done in Q3, but it's done for Q4!

2) Seeing the Forest for the Trees Quilt:

All of the blocks are done and the sashing is cut.

3) Red and Tan Wedding Ring Quilt:

Trapunto in the centres and finish this way-overdue wedding present. And do the tutorial for trapunto!

4) Modern Goodness:

Will be working on the backing next...

How about you? Any goals for this quarter?


  1. Goals for the quarter...
    Find all the projects I have started and not finished. This will be a challenge in itself.
    Then finish one project.
    It will be easier I hope at the end of the month when I am done work....

  2. Goals for this quarter...
    - Christmas table runner & new stockings
    - Finish snow-ball quilt
    - Finish apple core quilt
    - Start chevron quilt!

  3. Love them all, I'd like to try a wedding ring and I love those trees but I'd want to get the Oakshott cottons for that. It'll have to wait. ;D Gorgeous work, as always!

  4. Eh, I wouldn't call it a Fail - I love your HBC point quilt.

  5. These are lovely projects and a great list! My list for the FAL is a bit excessive, but I did make it.

  6. You didn't fail! You finished a little later than planned, so what? Your projects for Q4 are great! I try to limit myself to a few projects at a time so I don't add to my UFOs!!! I plan to finish my "Groove" quilt, make Christmas presents and continue reorganizing my sewing room and my embroidery/all other crafts room.


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