Wednesday, 17 October 2012

Works in Progress Wednesday - Save Big Bird!

Another two-fer. And this pattern will probably continue for the next little while. Son #1 wants a Harry Potter birthday party and I'm only too happy to oblige. I'm trying to play it cool with him, but I'm so EXCITED; it's a little ridiculous. Thankfully, there are tons of great Harry Potter party plans and ideas out there that I don't have to think them up myself. :D It's going to be Legend...wait-for-it...ary!

Don't forget that you can still link up finished quilty projects to TGIFF! for OctoberQuest! For each finished project you link up, you'll have a chance at one of two $50 gift certificates from Mad About Patchwork. Also, all participants get a 10% discount at Mad About Patchwork for the month -- TGIFF10 is the promo code. This week's party will be at Echinops & Aster!

New Projects:

Save Big Bird: They are doing a silent auction at the hubster's work so I made another wee spy quilt for the auction. Still smarting from the last silent auction experience, I decided to have a bit of fun with this one, even if it's a bit of just-in-my-head fun. I put some Sesame Street fabric for the back in protest of Mitt Romney's hope to axe Big Bird and PBS. Yes, it's my little quilty political statement. Maybe this will get me a job in the States should I ever move back there...'cause some people still have me in their binders, you know Mitt (For a giggle, check out ;) Okay, so very few people at the hubster's work will guess why I used this fabric, but it kept me entertained. :)
Monkey #1 sneaks into the picture

Completed Projects:
Canadiana - Hudson's Bay Point Blanket QuiltFinished! Finished! Woo hoo! Blogged about here.

Current Projects: 

Modern Goodness - Finished the backing and started quilting it. I forgot to take a picture of the back before I started quilting it though.

Spiral/Spring seta colour
Wedding quilt
Nine patch colourwash

WIP Wednesday Recap: Woo hoo! We're under 20!
New projects: 1
Completed projects: 2
Current projects: 1
On Hold/UFO: 17


  1. You're from CANADA why does your opinion on the American presidential election matter?

    1. Well Anonymous....what happens in USA is important to us Canadians as well. Not only are we neighbours and trading partners, but we are also impacted by the decisions and directions that are taken by the US president!! And in this global economy, I am sure that many people in many countries are interested in what happens in the election!

    2. What Flo said!

      (Also - nice that you can stand up for what you believe in, oh anonymous one...)

  2. I so envy you having a HBC blanket even if you had to make it yourself! Birthday parties sure have changed, when my kids were kids or even when I was a kid, parties were cake and icecream and go home! Kids Today -- ( didn't we hear that from our grandparents?) really have it GOOD!
    PS. I have stopped allowing anonymous comments on my blog because they always left comments that the writer did not have the courage to stand behind...

  3. Dear Anonymous - For all intents and purposes, my opinion doesn't matter, but I'm still allowed to have one. A lot of people I care about live in the States so I care about its future. I also lived there and while no country's perfect, it's a pretty great country. It's our largest trading partner and Canada is the U.S.'s so what affects the States's economy affects ours. Lastly, we buy PBS shows and I want Big Bird for my kids. :)

    1. Hey, we're Aussies living in Japan and we follow American politics!! I'm surprised there hasn't been a bigger fuss over Romney saying without two parents, children will grow up and be violent! Anyway, I can't wait to see your Big Bird quilt!!

  4. Oh,...your Hudson Bay quilt is wonderful!!!!

  5. Sounds like it will be a great birthday party! We are planning a Super Mario Bros birthday party for my daughter! Gotta love the world wide web and all the great ideas out there!! ;)
    I just love looking at the photos of your Hudson's Bay quilt!!

  6. I love the Bay blanket quilt and the Big Bird protest. Of course world politics affect us Canadians, especially those of our closest neighbour.

  7. Love your quilts.

    I'm curious....what do you think of Obama? It seems likely that the next US president will be one or the other....Romney or Obama...loosing PBS would be sad....but really wouldn't they just run more fund raisers to counter the loss of government funds?....I'm just thinking that all things considered it might be the better choice.

  8. that's perfect canadiana with your hudson bay blaknet. You will have to take all the muggles out to look for magic wands for the party.
    have fun
    in stitches

  9. I love your HBC blanket. I want to make one for myself, but it will have to wait awhile. And very nice Big Bird blanket. I support PBS, and would be very sad to see it gone.


  10. Ah Anonymous commenters - gotta love 'em. Free Big Bird indeed!

    I think your I Spy quiltie is gorgeous. Fingers crossed for a good auction experience!

  11. I love your I Spy/Big Bird quilt. PBS was a big part of my childhood, I hope will still be around when I have children! The HBC point blanket quilt is so nice too! Love those colors!

  12. Not gonna make a political statement. Not gonna.
    I hope this auction goes better than the last one! If not, you can tell your husband he works with a bunch of lameos!

  13. I love your Hudson Bay quilt. It's beautiful and like you say would be so much nicer to cuddle up in than the original scratchy blankets. I've always loved them but never got one for that reason. Maybe I'll have to make one of these too (and thanks for sharing your measurements should I decide to do so!). I also love your political statement. And yes, as Canadians we are indeed concerned about American politics!

  14. I love your blanket quilt!! I snapped a picture just last of a similar blanket that my parents have on their bed because I thought it would make a great quilt.

  15. Visiting from the wicked blog hop and just krrp reading. Love the political jab with the backing fabric!


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