Thursday, 3 January 2013

2013 - They're Big, They're Hairy, They're Big Hairy (Audacious?) Goals

2013 is shaping up to be another great year on the quilting front. I'm speaking at the Richmond Area Quilt Guild on January 16th on modern quilting and the online quilt world, which I'm very excited about. On February 7th, I'll be participating in the Something New Sampler Blog Hop (more info coming soon) with Amy @ The Cute Life, when I'll be sharing a tutorial on some modern-style trapunto. I will also get to take a course on Radial Strip Piecing with Elaine Quehl on February 16th. Sweet!

While there are a ton of things I'd love to do quilting-wise this year, I'm conscious that there are also a number of things I'd like do with the kids and projects around the house that I'd like to complete before we're thrown back into the go-go-go life of a two-career family next year. With that in mind, here are my quilting BHAGs (Big Hairy Audacious Goals) for this year:

1) New and old projects:
  • Since I'm still hosting TGIFF! once a month, I'd like to have a quilt finished per month. I'd also like to enter three quilts into our guild show this May. Some of my finishes this year will hopefully be:
    • My existing WIPs - There are now 18 on my list, 12 of which were on there this time last year. Those 12 will be either finished, repurposed or given away for someone else to finish. May join Project U.F.O. 
    • A quilt for the guest room 
    • A big boy bed quilt for my youngest
    • A few more things off my updated bucket list 
2) Design:
  • Design a quilt pattern for a magazine or Moda Bake Shop. Gulp!
  • Scrap Bin Mission - I'd like to explore ways of using the insane stash of scraps I've collected over the years.
  • Modern Block Monday - I miss doing these modern blocks so 2013 will see a comeback -- maybe on Mondays, maybe not.
  • Keep on keeping on with Electric Quilt (EQ). 
3) Colour:
  • Play with different colour schemes using EQ and the Stash Play game.
  • Bee blocks - I'm part of one bee and just joined another so I'll get to play with other people's fabric and colour choices. Always a great way to try new colour schemes and blocks.
4) Technique:
  • Practice more layered free motion quilting designs, combining motifs to create images or scenes.
  • Learn and experiment more with new-to-me techniques, including:
    • Drawing/sketching - I'd love to try some zendoodling. How fun would that be to quilt?
I know that it's quite an ambitious list and I may not achieve them all, but I'd rather aim high than be safe. It's way more interesting and fun that way, eh? :) 

I'll be back tomorrow with a finished Su{Brr}nova top...


  1. Wonderful list of goals! goal is to keep up with the reading on your blog about all these wonderful projects!

  2. You are in for a fun year of quilting! Can't wait to read all about it!

  3. And some people think I am busy!!!

  4. Defeinitely Hairy and Audacious - you go, girl!!

  5. Neato! I look forward to seeing what you'll do! As far as scraps go, have you thought about the Scrap around the world blocks currently sweeping through Flickr? Its based on a pattern by Bonnie Hunter from Quiltville that uses even the ugliest of fabrics! Happy Scrapping, I am right on board with you there!

  6. How do you get all this done with three young boys?? Your modern blocks look stunning together! Happy New Year, I'm looking forward to playing with you in the Simply Solids bee!

  7. Great goals - hope to see them happen for you! :)

  8. love your BHAGs! very interested in your Scrap Bin Mission - something I need to work on, too, (while not just adding to my UFO pile!)

  9. Good luck with your goals!

  10. I have three words for your scrap bin mission: english paper piecing! Or you could make a Trip Around the World/postage stamp quilt. My scrap box is also totally out of control. I feel your pain.

  11. You're right... A purge is needed. Maybe we need a half year challenge?


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