Thursday, 7 March 2013

TGIFF! - Sewing Machine Cover

Quilting Detail

Hi all, welcome to this week's TGIFF! Today, I'm sharing the sewing machine cover I made for my machine. This sewing machine cover was made before I broke my wrist and it's what I would have shared last month if I could have typed properly!

Santa (a.k.a. the hubster and my sister and BIL) got me a sweet Gidget table for my sewing machine so I'd have a more ergonomic set up. Clearly such a sweet machine and table needed a proper cover. I've been hoarding saving these fabrics just for this project.

Sewing Machine Cover - One Side
It has ties on the side and it's reversible. I practiced quilting swirls on the sewing machine cover because I want to do some on Su{Brrr}nova.

Sewing Machine Cover - Other Side

Your turn, party people! 

I'm also linking up with Leah Day's Free Motion Quilting Friday. Be sure to check out all the FMQ goodness over there!


  1. Love it! Good job on the quilting!

  2. I really, really need to make myself a sewing machine cover!!!!!! Love yours!

  3. Very nice M-R..I really need one for my serger..should get to that,eh

  4. A sewing machine cover has been on my bucket list for quite some time now. Yours turned out beautifully, I love your quilting.

  5. This is a gorgeous cover! Glad to see you're back quilting again :)

  6. wonderful cover! How is your wrist healing? x

  7. Very nice! I love the swirly quilting on this! Puts my factory made machine cover to shame!! :)
    hope the wrist is recovering.

  8. Wow! Look at all those fantastic fabrics! Beautiful cover for your machine.

  9. I love the fabrics! Fantastic! Really nice FMQ!

  10. Super cute! You did a great job on the FMQ!

  11. Wonderful choice of fabrics. Well done


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