Friday, 15 March 2013


My cast is off! Woo hoo! Five looooong weeks, but it's off! Even with the cast, I had hoped to finish the Something New Sampler with Amy @ The Cute Life. Today is the last day for the Something New Sampler link up, and while I finished all of the blocks, plus made three extra Sashiko blocks, I've only quilted half of them. Oh well, c'est la vie! Thanks for a fun quiltalong, Amy. I loved trying all the different techniques! Thank you also to all the blog teachers who provided the tutorials for the different techniques -- very well done, all!

Here are my new blocks:
Something New Sampler Blocks
Machine Appliqué
Something New Sampler Blocks
Circle Sashiko

Here are the quilted blocks:
Chain Reaction
Trapunto - Tutorial Here
Something New Sampler Blocks
Sashiko Diamonds
Something New Sampler Blocks
Cathedral Windows

Something New Sampler Blocks
Fabric Folding Quilted With
Decorative Machine Stitches
Something New Sampler Blocks
Triangle Sashiko
Something New Sampler Blocks
Reverse Appliqué
Something New Sampler Blocks
Scrappy Pieced Block
And here are the rest of the blocks, still TBQ (to be quilted):

Improv Curves - Something New Sampler
Improv Curves
Something New Sampler - Sashiko
Hexagon Sashiko
Something New Sampler - Bargello Block

Now that the wrist and fingers are free, I can't wait to get quilting! Hopefully the next time you see these blocks, they will be in a finished quilt!


  1. Looking forward to see it all together. Your blocks looks really great!

  2. Awesome quilting. Glad you are freeeee!

  3. Each and every one of them is spectacular, M-R!! So happy for you that the cast is off!

  4. Oh happy day! Love your blocks.

  5. Beautiful blocks, M-R! They will make a gorgeous quilt - excited to see how you combine them.

    Yay! I bet it feels wonderful to finally be cast free.

  6. YEAH the cast is off :)
    All gorgeous but I especially love all the sashiko, it is so beautiful!

  7. Your blocks are beautiful! My favorite is the Trapunto block of course! Glad that you are now cast free! Looking forward to see more of your work!

  8. So pleased for you that your cast is finally off. Loving your blocks and particularly your quilting on the reverse applique and scrappy blocks :)


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