Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Works in Progress Wednesday - March Edition

I shudder to think what's going to happen as I update my WIP list for the first time in six weeks. It feels like there's been some start-itis around here and very little finish-itis. Let's see...

New Projects:

Hard Core: I've renamed Burst of Colour to Hard Core because I made the medallion with my broken wrist. If that doesn't say that I'm a hard core quilter, what does? Also, I find it looks a little like the core of the earth...if you squint, turn your head to the left, stand on one foot and close your right eye. ;) When I shared the name with a friend, she pointed out to me that people might make the connection to porn. LOL!

Hard Core
Snow Dyeing: Fun, fun, fun! My first snow dye experiment went well so that when we got a dump of snow yesterday, I took advantage to snow dye some more fabric in a cooler palette. It's still batching right now, but I'll post pictures soon. 

Snow Dyeing - Snow Crab Nebula
Completed Projects:

Sewing Machine Cover: I was feeling a little rusty on my free motion quilting skills so I decided to make a sewing machine cover to practice before tackling Su{Brrr}nova and Seeing The Forest For The Trees (you say, I also say procraftinating). Now that the cast is off, I'll need to practice again. Soon Su{Brrr}nova, soon!

Current Projects:

Something New Sampler: All but one block is quilted. Here are the two newly quilted ones since Friday.

Scrappy Trip Along: I've received most of the blocks from my Simply Solids bee mates. They are fabulous and I'll share them soon.

Kingston quilt: Pulled it off the On Hold/UFO Mash-up list a couple of days before I broke my wrist and decided to restart it and do one block a month. I was partially through the first block that fateful Wednesday. I will share more about this one soon.

Scrap{Bee} Quilt: As wonky piecing was about the only piecing I could do with the cast on, I made four more improv pieced blocks. Now I'm just waiting for two blocks more from bee mates and I'll be able to piece the top.

Su{Brrr}nova: No progress.

Seeing the Forest for the Trees QuiltNo progress.

Wedding quilt
Nine patch colourwash

WIP Wednesday Recap: 
New projects: 2
Completed projects: 1
Current projects: 6
On Hold/UFO: 14

Well, that wasn't so bad after all! I'm linking in to WIP Wednesday at The Needle and Thread Network and to W.i.P. Wednesday at Freshly Pieced. Thanks Monika and Lee for hosting such great linkies!
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  1. make me feel soooo much better....even though you really are "hard core"!!

  2. Hard core is fabulous. The use of colour is amazing. LOVE IT.

  3. That hard core is something else!! and I love your machine cover

  4. Everything looks so great! I'm excited to see the scrappy trip blocks

  5. Procraftinating! luv it. Hey, the first ytwo photos have some similarities! cool

  6. Are you sure you had a broken wrist!! You've gotten more done than me! Love the name change too! I finally started piecing a couple of trees this week. Yay!

  7. Start-itis must be going around! I can't wait to see your new snow-dyed fabrics!!

  8. I'm always amazed with how much you have going on and how much you get done! I don't have kids at home and I'm not as productive as you, I'm taking notes! I love all your projects but my favorite remains to be Hardcore! <3

  9. Lovely work:) What I think we all need right now is spring to finally get it's act more snow!

  10. Love all those WIPs! Especially the hard core quilt, it is just gorgeous!

  11. Great snow dyeing results! I have dyed fabric for decades and my snow dyeing was a pathetic attempt. I may have to try again though as yours is another in a line of great successes lately in blogland.

  12. Everything looks great! I think you qualify as a hard core quilter making all that with your wrist!

  13. Ever heard of quilt p*rn? Your work is fantastic, that wrist didn't slow you down much ...


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