Friday, 12 April 2013

Kona Club Challenge and Giveaway? I Accept!

Hi all, when Sew Sisters contacted me to see if I'd like to participate in the Kona Club Challenge, I said heck ya! I do love working with Kona solids.

I chose their October palette - Kona Black, Kona Charcoal, Kona Coal, and Kona Iron, as well as added in some Kona Snow for pop.

I used these yummy tones to make this Improv-Pieced Laptop Case. There's a tutorial on the Sew Sisters blog if you want to give it a go as well.  

Check out the Sew Sisters blog for the tutorial and a giveaway! Yes, that's right, there's a giveaway of this bundle up for grabs!



  1. I love it! Simple, elegant and modern!

  2. Absolutely stunning!!!

    (I belong to Sew Sisters Kona Club and I loved that selection)

  3. sure do love this kona color combo!

  4. Great tutorial, M-R! Judy from Sew Sisters is my high school BFF - i love that we both love quilting!

  5. So great. Going to have a look and see if i can make one!

  6. Wooou, nádherný blog. Krásne tvorenie ako profesionál. Prajem krásny nedeľný deň. Mery


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