Monday, 22 April 2013

Pura Vida!

Maxing on the beach.
How do people take sand-free
feet photos on the beach?!
We're back from an awesome vacation in Costa Rica -- sun, sand, zip lining, pina coladas, hot springs, boating, massages on the beach, great people and delicious food. The kids did great and our amazing caregivers are still talking to us. Pura vida!

Not much quilty to report. While I brought my Stained Glass Lillies, I didn't make a single stitch -- too much relaxing to do. My favourite little sewing scissors were confiscated on the way home by security (even though there was no problem on the way down and the scissors were well within the limits of stipulated by air travel regulations) -- Grrr! I found one fabric store in Liberia, but didn't find any quilting cotton. I know there's a quilt store/retreat near San José, but we weren't anywhere near there. I did get to read two of Jennifer Chiaverini's book though. Love those Elm Creek Quilters. :) And I came home with a good quilt idea, which I hope to start working on soon.

I thought you might find some of the random textural/patterns sights we came across interesting...

And it was...each blade of this fan in the new Liberia
airport was probably 12' long.
Towel art

My favourite pic of the trip - the hubster enjoying the waterfalls at Bagaces.
Cow at the top of the waterfalls at Bagaces...after our swim, thank goodness!
Chicken buses in Nicaragua. Apparently named for what people bring on the bus
rather than what I thought -- what they play with other cars while passing. 
Fits my completely fabricated conspiracy
theory that the Rotary Club
is part of the Freemason organization.
Here is my 'proof' that they also run Nicaragua. ;)
Iron work - Love
More lovely ironwork
Sidewalk painting
Cool looking flower - ahem!
Black sand -- HOT!
No idea what this plant is called, but I love the red!
Love the shape
Check out the colours of the pot 
It looks cool, but this chair is NOT comfortable!
On our last night there we saw a moon ring or moon halo like this one (couldn't get a good picture of it though). It was amazing!

It's a little early, but I'll be linking up with Cindy @ Live A Colorful Life's Really Random Thursday 'cause it doesn't get much more random than this...

Now to decide what to work on next...


  1. How nice M-R!!! We haven't travelled in a few years to get out there again!!!

  2. Mmm sun, this looks so refreshing!

    I'm really sorry to hear about your scissors. On my last trip, I looked up the detailed regulations and made triple sure that my scissors fit within that so I could do some sewing on the plane. When the people at security confiscated them, I explained what the regulation was. They really didn't care. Next time it will be dollar store scissors.

  3. Welcome back! Too bad for your scissors...


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