Monday, 20 May 2013

Scrap Bin Mission: The Shreds

When I discussed my goals for this year in January, I mentioned that I wanted find ways to use more of my scraps.

On my cutting table, I have an assortment of containers to help me keep organized as I'm cutting. I have bucket for usable scraps to be sorted, another bucket for unusable scraps that I call shreds, a bucket for garbage and a container for selvages.

Why collect the shreds? Well, originally I collected them separately because I could put them in our green bins for composting instead of the garbage.

About a year ago though, I read a post by Régina about using those shreds for stuffing beds she makes for the humane society. I just thought that was a fabulous idea! When I decided to do a bit of a reorg last week, I noticed that I had collected a sizeable bag of shreds and it was time to start making some beds (ha, that rhymes!).

In less than an hour, I had 2 1/2 beds made. The pillows are about 15" by 21". This got rid of my shreds and helped me use up some old fabric that just isn't my style anymore.

Feeling a little more organized, productive, and doing some good. Still haven't found that pattern though...


  1. Hey that's actually a really good idea. I've been saving all my tiny worthless scraps but had no clue how to use them. I happen to have a big dog who could sleep on rocks so she won't mind a lumpy bed stuffed with shreds!

  2. Great idea! I have started using my shreds ands scraps of batting trimmings to stuff bears, and I give them to the crisis nursery.

  3. it is a great way to reuse those little bits and pieces

  4. I just had to google the Humane Society and now your post is making sense to me! That's a great idea. I've been composting shreds too but maybe some of our animal welfare charities would appreciate these beds. I'll look into it :)


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